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Bench to Bedside 

Bench to Bedside 2010

A Comparative Study of Teaching Strategies in Biotechnology Education with the Inclusion of Game Simulation By R. Allen

A Study of Impact of an Integrated Approach to Geometry using Biotechnology By R. Bissonnette

Careers in Biotechnology : A Study of Career Interest of Female Students in Middle School By N. Browne

Biotechnology Careers Preparing High School Students By L. Bushwitz

B2B2010_Camerlengo By J. Camerlengo

Examining Student Understanding of the Nature of Science in Relation to frequency of Exposure to Biotechnology Inquiry By L. Deale

Making Chemistry Relevant Via a Connection to Biotechnology By D. Donovan

A Study on the Use of Protein Crystallization with Standard Physical Science and Honors Physical Science Students By K. Ford

Does Using Biotechnology in Hands-On Experiences Affect Student Achievement and Understanding of Chemistry Concepts By A. Grant

Biotechnology Professional Development for Secondary and Middles School Educators By D. Hartley

Application of Interactive Biotechnology Lessons in a Rural School to Asess Student Achievement and Attitudes By J. Mahoney

The Effects of Hands-On Biotechnology Activities and Video Games on the Attitudes, Knowledge, and Career Awareness of Students in a High School Medical Academy By A. Moyel

The Influence of Biomedicine Activities on Attitude and Achievement of High School Students By T. Nick

A Study of Inquiry Investigations Using Biotechnology in Anatomy and Physiology Secondary Education to Improve Attitudes Towards Science By V. Pfister

A Study of the Impact of Sequencing in 10th Grade Biology Should A always come Before B? By M. Russ

Attitude is Everything-A Study of the Impact of Biotechnology Inquiry Based Activities on 9th Grade Student Attitudes and Achievement in Science By N. Sasnett

Teaching a Lesson in Bioethics in a Biotechnology Class By K. Savage

Enhancing the Learning Achievement and Attitude of Biotechnology for the Student with the Aid of Virtual Gaming By T. Stundon

The Effect of Hands-On Biotechnology Curriculum on High School Students' Understanding of Evolution and Natural Selection By J. Sunderman

Mission Biotech Gamin: A Study of How Video Gaming Can Make Difficult Subjects in Science Easier to Understand in High School Setting By P. Teske

High School Physical Science Students' Attitudes and Ability to Identify Biotechnology Careers via Student Career Research and Sharing By S. Van Den Hurk

An Unknown Protein, Oh No! A Quest for a Rain Forest Medicine By L. Walsh

Bench to Bedside 2011

The Effects of Adding Biotechnology Simulations and Labs to Traditional Molecular Genetics Instructions on the Knowledge and Attitudes of AP Biology Students By J. Beebe

A Study of the Impact of Protein Crystallization of Advanced Placement Biology Students' Knowledge and Attitudes By J. Benskin

The Effect of Applying Biotechnology Skills Through Case-Study Learning on Increasing Biology Student's Knowledge, Attitudes and Interest Related to Biotechnology Fields By J. Bertram

Investigation of the Effects of an Inquiry-Based Version of AP Lab 6B (Gel Electrophoresis) on Students' Knowledge of the Methods, Utility, and Application of Biotechnology Techniques By B. Boswell

The Impact on Critical Thinking and Writing Skills When Biotechnology Activities and a Case Study Approach are Incorporated into a High school Anatomy Course By T. Brown

Learning Biotechnology through the Study of Sickle Cell Anemia By S. Chabot

What's It All About? A Study of the Impact of Instruction about Stem Cells on Biotech Students' Knowledge and Attitudes By M. de Meza

The Effect of Using a Standardized Lab Notebook Protocol on the Science Literacy, Biotechnology Skills and Confidence Levels in the AS Level AICE Biology Class By J. Insalaco

Authentic Classroom Collaborative Research as a Scaffolding Tool to Independent Research By K. Kehoe

Using Case Studies, Hands-On Activities, and Simulations to Increase Cognitive Skills and Interest in High School Biology Students By S. Kunkle

Who runs the World: The Effect of Case Studies and Biotechnology Laboratory Techniques on the Confidence and Science Career Interest of Underrepresented Female Anatomy and Physiology Students By V. Lopez

Biotech Unit - Gene Therapy By I. Pinnix

A Study of the Effects of Using Hands On Lab Activities and simulations, to Improve Student Attitudes and Knowledge about Biomedical Science Technology, Genetic disorders, and Disease By L. Price

The Effect of Exposure to Current Biomedical themed Activities Related to Chemistry on Student Situational Interest, Attitudes and Self-Concept in Chemistry By S. Quintero

The Effect of Discovery Learning through Biotehcnology on the Knowledge and Awareness of Type 2 Diabetes and it's Genetics Affects on Lower Income Students in a Rural Community By D. Riggs

Using Biotechnolgy to Motivate High School Students to Study Science By E. Searl

The Impact of Understanding of Current Biotechnology Research and Protocols on Student Biotechnology Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills By D. Vasconi

A Proactive Understanding of Diabetes By L. Wade

Bench to Bedside 2012

What Do You Expect? I'm From Mulberry! By S. Alcala

To Clone or Not to Clone, Hmm.....? That is the Question By E. Coleman

Using Forensic Science and Biotechnology to Promote Student Engagement, Interest, and Achievement By N. Cowie

The Impact of Interactive Science Notebooks on Chemistry Students' Use of Evidence-Based Reasoning in a Biotechnology Labratory Experience By S. Crupi

Determining the Impact of Bioscience-related Case Studies, Lab Practical, and Cooperative Group Learning on Chemistry Students' Ability to Answer Higher Order Questions in Chemistry By A. Fraddosio

A Study to Evaluate the Impact of Biotehcnology-infused labs in a Chemistry Honors Course Drawing from the Use of the Scientific Method as it Applies to Students' Attitude Towards Learning Science and the Ability to solve Daily Problems They Face By T. Harvey

Seriously, Teacher....When Will I Ever Use THIS? Bridging Science Core Curriculum and Science Oriented Careers for Inner City High School Students By J. Johnson 

The Impacts of Biotechnology Lessons Taught During the Chemistry Unit of Ninth Grade Physical Science Class on Students' Attitude and Interest in Biological Sciences By C. Leon

A Study on the Impact of Biotechnology Lessons on Student Learning in Anatomy and Physiology By Comparing Two Assessment Strategies By J. Martir

A Study of Achievement in Biology Using Peer Reviewed Student Journals to Examine Human Body Systems and the Impact of Advances in Biotechnology By S. Shepard

The Effect of Interactive Strategies in a Stem Cell Focused Unit on Student Knowledge and Engagement in Advanced Placement Biology Classroom By C. Singkornrat

Bench to Bedside II 

Bench to Bedside II 2015

Impact of Biomedical Advances Knowledge on High School Students’ Career Choices By M. Alexis

Say What? Worms are Similar to Humans? By A. Barrios

A Study on the Impact of Incorporating Biotechnological Labs and Activities in the AP Biology Curriculum and How It Affects Student Learning Gains and Attitude towards Biotechnology By S. Brookman

Can Music Provide a Healthy Learning Environment for Biomedical Science in a Middle School? By T. Comacho-Rorie

Unlocking the Future of Stem Cells Use of Decellularization Techniques to Bioengineer Organs By D. Conway

I’ve Got Worms!!! The Effect of Hands-on Activities in the Science Classroom on the Achievement Levels of Middle School Life Science Students By R. Gerhard-Sterner

The Effect of Teaching About Stem Cells on the Education and Attitudes of High School Biology Students By J. Guillard

A Case Study of the Differences in Content Mastery and Attitude between Single Gender Classrooms versus Hetero-Gender Classrooms in Teaching ‘The Central Dogma of Biology and its Role in Gene Expression’. By N. Jagoo and A. Martin

An Investigation of the Effects of integrating Team-based Learning into the Honors Biology Genetics Unit on Student Achievement By P. Kelly

A Comparison of Methods for Team Determination on the Success of Team Based Learning of Biotechnology Related Material Across Multiple Courses. By C. Krininger

The Effects of Integrating Biotechnology Related Case Studies and Laboratory Activities on the Interest and Performance of 9th and 10th Grade Students in an Honors Biology Class By M. Lawrence

The Effect of Discovery Learning through Biotechnology on the Knowledge and Perception of Sickle Cell Anemia and It’s Genetics on Lower Income Students By S. Manboard

A Study of Biomedical Applications in Chemistry Classes to Present Relevance, and Increase Positive Attitude, Interest and Conceptual Understanding of Science By I. Payan

A Study Investigating the Effect of Incorporating Real-World Case Studies, Hands-On Biotechnology Activities, Web-Based Assignments and Scientific Research, Based on Cancer on Student Mastery of NGSS, CCSS and STEM Practices In a Regular Level Biology Course By C. Rogers

Pharmacogenomics Medicinal Therapy of the Future By B. Ruhmann

Bioengineering Applications of Regenerative Medicine: Biotechnology Curriculum Development and Career Fields. By D. Santiago

The Effect of Applying Flipping Method of Instruction in a Biotechnology Module to Increase Content Understanding of Viruses By W. Vidor

Using the Team-Based-Learning Strategy and Biomedical Applications to Increase AP Biology Student Enrollment, Retention, Engagement and Success By S. Wilkie

Bench to Bedside II 2016

An Analysis on the Efficacy of the Use of Biomedical Technologies and Models to Teach the Significance of Molecular Biology in Learning Human Pathophysiology Through Team-Based Inquiry By S. Barnes

“So What Are You Going to Do With Your Life?” A Survey of Student Perceptions of Pursuing a Career in Biomedical Engineering By J. Bauman

Why so Wormy? A Study of Student Retention. By K. Bennett

“Pump up the Volume” Using Team Based Learning Strategies to Teach Factors That Affect Blood Flow  By T. Clark, E. Emery, C. McLendon

Conversations and Cancer- Using Team-Based Learning to Enhance Comprehension and Retention of AP Biology Content Related to the Cell Cycle and Cancer By L. Day

Are You Going to Get Zika? By S. Field

Nematod-ally: How and Why We Use Model Organisms By J. Higginbotham

“Who Wants to Be a Bioengineer?” A Study of Biotechnology on Student Learning Gains and Interest in Pursuing Science Careers in Middle School Science Classes By T. Iansiti

Coupling Biomedical Techniques with Team Based Learning to Promote and Improve Student Learning Success and Application of the Four Comprehensive AP Biology Big Ideas By J. Lindermann

Project Based Learning and the Cell Cycle: A Proposal for Application. By E. Meagher

Skittles and Drug Design!! By D. Newsome

Processing the Processes: Building on Prior Knowledge and Using Processing Skills to Improve Comprehension in High School Biology By H. O'Brien

A Study on the Impact of Introducing Biotechnological Labs and Activities to Middle School and High School Students to Determine How They Affect Student Attitudes Towards Biotechnology and Personal Independent Research By D. Pick

Humanities and The Sunshine State 

Humanities and The Sunshine State 2016

The Systematic of Biogeochemical Cycling By D. Bassett

Web of Life By B. Bresalier and L. Kaiser

Topics in Climate Change By B. Breil

Imagining Careers in the Climate Impacted Future By C. Cantrell

Where Do We Come From? UNESCO to North Florida Springs By C. Cantrell

Understanding What Gases Contribute to Acid Rain By M. Coolican

Carbon Neutralization and You By J. Dickinson

Not Enough Drinking Water By M. Gasvoda

Creating Earth's Story By A. Gomez

Saved By the Footprint By M. Greenwald and J. Sohn

Is There a Measurable Difference in Dissolved Oxygen Level Between Day and Night? By M. Martin-Dupre

Climate Change Decision Making Model By J. McNellis

An Ecosystem Mystery By K. Metcalf

Email Your Representative - Problems of the Indian River Lagoon By S. Moody

What Is Life? What Sustains Life? By C. Morrow

Tying it Together By M. Nanney and M. Temples

Teaching Ideas By L. Ortiz

Sea Level Rise Induced Conversion of Coastal Forest into Salt Marsh: An Ecological Systems Approach By F. Putz

Systems in Aquatic Food Webs By M. Soapes

Tanks for the Water By A. Vitkus

Humanities and The Sunshine State 2017

Oh the Hugh Manatee! By L. Baig and M. Hess-Shamdasani

Aquifers… Natures Water Fountain By K. Berdugo

FLVS - FT Fall AP Face to Face Workshop By E. Bobeck

Identifying and Diagramming the Effects of Global Warming By B. Breil

Living in Paradise By T. Clayton

Identify Ways in Which Plants and/or Animals (Including Humans) Can Impact the Environment Both Helpful and Harmful By M. Dewey

Concept Map / Systems Diagram for Environmental Sciences / Studies By J. Dickinson

Sustainable Human Habitats By D. Foust

Soil Chemistry 101 By S. Grilli

Preparing for the Next Hurricane Katrina By M. Howard

Human Impact on the Environment By N. King 

Flush This! By K. Madok, K. Poe, and D. Pristas

Agriculture and It's Environmental Impact By J. Martinez

Our Endangered Springs By L. McDonald

Springs, Then and Now Where has the Water Gone? By D. Mendoza

Lowell and Indialantic: Why did They Change? By S. Moody

Mangroves are Coming...Are Coming...Are Here! By C. Prior

Global Warming and Comparisons By T. Purdin 

What Should Be Our Shared Water Ethic For Our Local Land of 1,000 Springs and Florida Aquifers By G. Simonton

Map The Flow, Go With The Flow By D. Smith

Florida’s Water Stewardship and Awareness Project By A. Watson

Water Crisis Around the World By L. West

Mangroves: Adaptions and Impact By K. Wilson

Humanities and The Sunshine State 2018

Relevance of Blue By C. Barton

Teaching Ideas By C. Bobsein

Teaching Ideas By G. Brown

Green Dreamers Jr. Foresters Carbon Calculations By L. Buquet

Teaching Ideas By A. Casanova

Teaching Ideas By D. Caventer

Teaching Ideas By A. Cook By A. Cook

Teachings Ideas By G. Cunningham

Teaching Ideas By J. Curls

Teaching Ideas By J. Dearing

Teaching Ideas By L. Dormady

What Do You Mean, 'This Water Ain't Safe to Swim In?' By W. Douchkoff

Teaching Ideas By K. Dunn

Evaluating Claims That Human Activities Are Not Causing Climate Change By C. Goldenberg

Life Cycle of Manatee and Effects Climate By L. Itzkowltz

Agriscience Foundations By C. James

Global Climate Changes By F. Lamus

Systems of Plot By K. Munlattrick

Teaching Ideas By C. Nash

Teaching Ideas By J. Ngying

Effect of Climate Change of Trees By T. Opalek

Teaching Ideas By A. Osborne

Effect of Climate Change of Trees By G. Pinero-Amaro

A New Land Remembered By J. Reeves

Teaching Ideas By M. Risisky

Snook Population Rises and Falls in the State of Florida By J. Roker

Teaching Ideas By B. Rowe

Teaching Ideas By S. Sawczak

Teaching Ideas By B. Skoczelas

Teaching Ideas By J. Sones

Teaching Ideas By A. Teres

Teaching Ideas By P. Yancey

Humanities and The Sunshine State 2019

Teaching Ideas By G. Carlson

Teaching Ideas By K. Carter

Teaching Ideas By T. Cash

Teaching Ideas By K. Casselman

Exploring the Ecosystems of Cross Creek By D. Cohen, H. Da Silva, and J. Westfall

Teaching Ideas By D. Cohen

Teaching Ideas By E. Cohen

How Does Water Affect My Community By B. Colpas, M. Valentine

Teaching Ideas By H. Deitchman-Levy

Identifying Environmental / Green Employment of the Future By S. Dolan

Teaching Ideas By G. Elias

Teaching Ideas By V. Gajadhar and A. Heinemann

Florida Environmental Awareness in World History Class By C. Gunn

Teaching Ideas By C. Hammel

Optimism in the Face of Climate Change By  M. Henkel

Teaching Ideas By K. Hockman

Teaching Ideas By J. Jacupke

It Starts with One By P. Leone

Florida's Early Inhabitants and Shell Mounds By M. McClinton

Teaching Ideas By H. Myers

Teaching Ideas By J. O'Leary

Exploring the Effects of Climate Change in West Palm Beach Through the Use of Photographs By M. Pedek Howard

Teaching Ideas By A. Prinkey

Don’t Believe in Climate Change? Well, How About Protecting the Environment? By M. Warwick

Teaching Ideas By E. Young

Interdisciplinary Center for Ongoing Research / Education (ICORE) 

ICORE 2008

The Pathogen - Virtual Investigation & Identification of Emerging Pathogens By B. Boswell

Agriculture/Future Farmer or Future Scientist? By J. Brady

Emerging Students Conquering Emerging Pathogens By R. Cadet

Big Economical and Ecological Concerns Yield Big Opportunities for Florida HS Students By J. Camerlengo

Emerging Pathogens: It’s All About You and Me By B. Derico-Owens

Florida's Next License Plate? By N. Dunbar

Beware! Hidden Pathogen Exposed! By D. Fenster

Through the Looking Glass, What Scientists Can See When They Use the Right Tools By T. Fritz

Death Threat By A. Goff

Emerging Pathogens: Global Menace to Society? By W. Helmey-Hartman

Biotechnological Applications to Emerging Pathogens By J. Jett

Mosquito: Infecting the Population with West Nile Virus By D. Johannes-Schwab

Pathogen Panic By W. McDavid

Screening on the Microscale to Fight Emerging Pathogens By B. Nelson

Kids Love Scary Topics By S. Nieto

Fishy and Dangerous: What's On Your Plate Tonight? By L. Richards

Anatomy and Physiology In The Biotech Era By C. Singkornrat

The HIV / AIDS Project: Produced By Teens for Teens By T. Spradley

Warm Waters, Harsh Consequences: The Relationship Between Pathogens, Oysters, and Global Warming By J. Stephens

Emerging Pathogens: Can They Be STOPPED? By R. Stoesz

ICORE 2009

Students as Scientists: The Study of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus in Marion County By J. Beebe

Catching the Science Bug While Viruses Go Up in Smoke By T. Bewernitz

Mystery Menace of the Sea: Fibropapillomatosis in Green Sea Turtles By C. Campbell

Pathogens and Protein – Life or Death? By M. deMeza

Pondering Plant Pathogens: Exploring Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus across the Advanced Placement Environmental Science Curriculum By G. Nelson Evans

Emerging Aquatic Problems in Florida By S. Everett

Human Hazard: Effect of Human Infectious Diseases on Captive Marine Mammals By J. Farmer

Infecto Contagious Disorders Casued by Emerging Pathogens Have Become in a Worldwide Challenge for the Pharmaceutical Companies By J. Garcia

Introducing Emerging Pathogens into the General Biology Curriculum By M. Guinta

Inoculating Middle School Students with Biotechnology By J. Kalament

Microarray Day-to-Day By K. Kearney

Flu and You: A Study of the H1N1 Pandemic By C. Kelley

Biotechnology Tools: Emerging Pathogens By E. Kelso and A. White

Diving into Biotechnology: Incorporating the Emerging Pathogens Program in High School Curricula By L. Kessler

Detecting Genetically Modified Food by PCR By L. Larsen

Bio-Tech Brigade: Attack on Shiga Toxin-producing E. Coli (STEC) By K. Maxwell

Mosquito Control and Environmental Impact By S. Mercier

Investigating Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus in Palm Beach County By M. Nair

Viruses Not Welcome By R. Prescod

The Mosquito Model in the Transmission of Vector Borne Diseases By L. Price

HIV-1: A Model of Evolutionary Genetics By C. Reedy

Budding Virologists – A Series of Lessons for the Instruction in Biotechnology and the Study of Emergent Pathogens in the Standard Biology Public High School Classroom By E. Roach

Paving the Road Using Preventing Medicine for Respiratory Diseases By M. Rojas

Detection of Infection: Viruses in Ornamental and Crop Plants By M. Russ

Creating Relevance in the Biotechnology Lab By M. Snow

Who is Wolbachia? Wolbachia as an Emerging Pathogen By R. Vasamsetti

Paying It Forward: Amplifying the Effects of UF HHMI ICORE Emerging Pathogens Summer Institute By A. White

ICORE 2010

Prokaryote Species Identification by Peptide Isolation and Selective Medias By J. Benskin

There Are Nasty Mosquitoes in MY Back Yard!! A Lab By D. Brackin

Vector­borne Diseases and Florida’s Public Health By S. Chabot

Using Animation and Digital Design to Understand Biotechnology and Emerging Pathogens By J. Curls

Using Biotechnology to Study the Dengue Fever Virus By J. David

DNA Technology and Genomics By L. Dempsey

ICORE 2010 Action Proposal By K. Donovan

Incorporating Emerging Pathogens Virtual Gaming into the Classroom By D. Downs

Modeling DNA Microarray Technology To Screen For And Compare Resistance Genes Amongst Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria By M. Fish

Biotechnology in High School Chemistry and Biology By D. Frantz

Addressing Disparities in Worldwide Infection Rates and Prevalence By J. Henry-Williams

Biotechnology Careers “ Unveiled” By N. Jones

Protein Isolation and Identification in Genetically Modified Food By P. Ladd

Mosquito Control in Marion County By H. Lowe

Mendel to Molecular Utilizing Brassica rapa as a Model Organism in a Traditional High School Setting By K. More

ICORE Development Award Proposal By C. Ochatt

Comparison of Indigenous and Non-indigenous Palm Species to Study Resistance to Lethal Yellowing By M. Poole

Mosquito Control and Prevention of Vector Borne Diseases in South Florida: A School-wide Project By V. Ramkissoon

Visualizing DNA By P. Randall

Mosquitoes as Vectors for Emerging Pathogens By C. Roy

Uncovering “actors” in Arabidopsis Through Blinding Its Light Sensing Capabilities By K. Russell

Action for Proposal for Implementation of Biotechnology Instruction at Fort Lauderdale High School By V. Ruwe

Pathogens By M. Stannard

Developing an Inquiry Based Research Lab modeling actual research performed on HIV1 Protease with Double and Triple Mutants By R. Stoesz

CSI - Fleming Island High School – DNA Investigative Laboratory Techniques and Mission Biotech Gaming By J. Walters

Simulated Viral Microarray Laboratory Activity By P. Williams

ICORE 2011

Viral Transmission within Mulberry Leaves - A Pathogenic Simulation Using Silkworms By S. Alcala

Oil Eating Bacteria and Our Immune Response By B. Atchison

Biotechnology: Hands on Laboratory Explorations with DNA and Genetics By V. Barkman

Dengue: Using Breakbone Fever to Introduce Proteomics By R. Bartenslager

Incorporating Biotechnology in the High School Classroom Professional Development for Biology Teachers By J. Bisogno

Studying Retroviruses Across Species using Biotechnology By L. Busta

Investigating Citrus Greening on Florida Citrus By G. Carlson

HIV on the Run By S. Chesel-Bryan

Symbiotic Relationships and Human Health By M. Copello

A Window of Opportunity‐ PD with a Different View By K. Dahl

Those Pesky Pathogens! By A. Demins

Iridoviral Diseases in Tropical Fish By S. Field

What’s the Chemistry of it All? An Exploration into the Recent Outbreak of E. Coli in Europe By R. Ford

Victims of Vibrio: A Simulated Epidemiological Investigation Through Biotechnology By J. Hansen

Gasp!!!.....the RETURN OF SMALLPOX???!!!! By C. Leon

Ring Around the Rosie By S. Little

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: An Exploration of E. coli and other Microbial Friends By J. Mahoney

When Pathogens Attack By B. Manning

The No Quick Fix Fix: Integrating Biotechnology and Hands‐on Lab Activities into a Packaged Curriculum By E. McCormack

Proteomics: An Introduction to Advanced Biochemistry By C. Mueller

Emerging and Re‐emerging Infectious Diseases By B. Pierre-Louis

H2O that Glows! By G. Powers

Let’s Get Physical! : The Chemistry of Emerging Pathogens By A. Sampson

Citrus Greening Is Not Green! By K. Savage

Mosquitoes – More than just a Pest! By G. Stanford 

Umbrella: Emerging Pathogens and the Water Cycle By A. Teres

Survey of Emerging Pathogens in Florida: Connecting Students to their  Environment By Z. Tullis

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How and For How Long? By E. Youngs

ICORE 2012

Food for Thought: How Pathogens Lead to Genetically Modified Crops By A. Barrios

Reclamation Proclamation: Are There Pathogens Lurking Near You! By D. Clayton

You Give Me Fever! By D. Conway

Do I Have to be a Pre-Med Major? By M. Faliero

Breakbone Fever, Is That A New Dance? By S. Foster-Hennigham

Comparison of Coliform Bacteria Levels with Respect to Drainage Basin Characteristics and Meteorological Data By K. Gill

The Hot Diseases of 2012: Yes, You Do Need to Worry! By J Guillard

Feel the Flow From Hair to Air By J. Insalaco

The Role of Microorganisms in Research, Medicine and Biotechnology By K. Kehoe

Pathogen Modeling in the Ecology Classroom By S. Kunkle

Adventures in Emerging Pathogens: Using Biotechnology to Prepare Students for an EOC and Beyond By V. Lopez

Are Our Waters Safe to Drink? By J. Maddaloni

An Epidemic of Disease and Chemistry By V. Moodley

Personal Knowledge---Global Action! By L. O'Conner

Vampire and Zombie Forensics – Analysis of Pathogens in the WaterAround You By I. Pinnix

A Simulated Investigative Approach to Teaching Biotechnology in the Classroom: Breaking News- Outbreak at the CDC under Investigation By J. Rivera-Azua

Let’s Get Sterile and Learn to Problem Solve!!!! By M. Sawyer

Past and Present- Is it in the Air or Water? A Historical and Modern Look at Disease Pathogens in a Florida Port Town. An Interactive Case Study By D. Vasconi

Finding the Key Protein Difference Between Heirloom and Wilt-Resistant Tomato Plants By L. Wade

So You Think You Want to be a Doctor! Which Career is the Very Best One? By M. Whalen

Dark Biology: Pathogens Through the Eyes of a Bioterrorist! By A. Wood

ICORE 2013

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side…Or Is It? By D. Bassett

What, Plants Can Get A Virus? By S. Bliss

Biotechnology Identifying Bioterrorism By L. Bobula

From Mother Nature’s Cookbook Comes a Recipe for Disaster By J. Breedlove

What's in your Water? By N. Sasnett

Clean dlo, dlo, Everywhere? By R. Gerhard-Sterner

May the Odds Be Ever in Our Favor!: Facts about Genetically Modified Organisms By A. Geyer

Proteomes: Because Genomes Are So Last Decade By A. Jackson

Guilty as Charged: Gaining Analytical Skills Through Understanding Vibrio cholerae in Kenya and Haiti By H. Jospeh-Orelus

Undead and Loving Life By J. Kelly

Come and Get It! Feeding Time for Zombies and Other Pathogens By D. Lockart

Cholera Catastrophe By A. Maher

To GMO or not to GMO? That is the Question! By J. Mallon

Death by Food or Foe? By T. Nick

Help—I’m Being Eaten Alive By C. Portnoy

Rainbow Springs Water Quality Research Project By M. Rudy

What's in your Water? By N. Sasnett

Dengue and ELISA By F. Shahar Banu Shahana

Blood Sucking Invaders – Using Mosquito-Borne Pathogens to Teach Biology Lessons with a Bite! By S. Shepard

Drink to Your Health By K. Smith-Elvie

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send MRSA Over By B. Stubbs

Summer Research Exploration