Broader Impacts

NSF Broader Impacts with UF CPET

Dr. Mary Jo Koroly, Director, Dr. Julie Bokor, Associate Director, The Center for Precollegiate Education and Training (CPET) is uniquely poised as a University of Florida Center with expertise in research education, outreach, and evaluation. CPET has a 60-year history of partnering with the university community to provide content-rich, immersive STEM experiences and career explorations for Florida K-14 teachers and students and to evaluate the outcomes and impacts of a diverse portfolio of programming. CPET Programs are developed and coordinated to promote excellence in science, technology, engineering and math; foster interdisciplinary science education throughout university & college research centers; forge partnerships among researchers, schools, communities, and industries; continually integrate research processes and product knowledge with national education goals and standards; foster the skills of research students, graduate students, and faculty to bring their work to the public. In addition, CPET administers its own research aligned programs in collaboration with more than 400 research faculty annually. Thus, Principal Investigators can choose to partner with CPET and participate in existing, highly-prestigious programs for Florida teachers and secondary school students to broaden the impacts of their research in programs with recruitment, programmatic design, extracurricular support, and evaluation processes already in place. Targeted audiences include underrepresented populations.

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