UF CPET Summer Programs

UF CPET Summer Programs


Current online offerings for Summer 2020 include: Climate Change Resiliency Program (CCRP), Florida Youth Institute (FYI), and Global Health Institute (GHI).


UF CPET Exploratory programs are fun and hands-on introductions to collegiate-level research. Whether you already have some experience or you are interested in seeing research up close for the first time, we have something for you! Exploratory programs include: Gator Computing Program (canceled for 2020), Gator Vet Med (canceled for 2020), and Research Immersion in Science and Engineering (canceled for 2020)


UF CPET Immersive programs are authentic research intensives.  These programs are for participants who are interested in a more rigorous and fast paced academic experience.  Students must have strong academic backgrounds, the maturity, and the enthusiasm to work in college-level teaching labs, in the field, or faculty mentor labs.   Science communication is a focus of our immersive programs providing students opportunities to present their work in writing, spoken, and poster formats. Immersive programs include: Research Explorations (canceled for 2020) and Student Science Training Program (canceled for 2020).

Residential Program Information

Experience UF

Looking to experience life at a top-ten public university?  Look no further!  Of course, at a UF CPET program you’ll get the unique opportunity to learn from faculty, researchers, and graduate students as well as touring research labs and facilities.  But that’s not all!  You’ll also experience other fun parts of the UF experience like residence halls, campus dining, sports facilities, libraries, the student union, game room and more.  You’ll also enjoy fun socials, sports, and activities.  Participants arrive as strangers and leave as friends – and as Gators!

“Attending this program was life changing.” “I LOVED it!  This has been the best summer program I’ve been to!” “One of the coolest things I’ve ever done.” “I hope one day I can attend UF!!!”


With the exception of Gator Computing Program, all UF CPET summer programs are residential. Participants live in suite-style rooms with shared bathrooms in UF residence halls. Upon invitation to participate in the program, students will be mailed detailed information on the kinds of items they will want to bring with them for their stay during the program. 

One goal of UF CPET programs is to create a multicultural community in which students are encouraged to live and learn with students from varied backgrounds and experiences. Towards this goal, we do not accept roommate requests and students from the same high school are not roomed together. For programs over one week, the program does take into consideration such factors as a student’s house-keeping preferences, sleep preferences, and general interests when making roommate assignments.

Program Staff and Supervision

Program staff support the academic learning, leadership development, and social well-being of the participants. CPET provides staffing throughout the program including faculty supervisors, instructors, residential counselors, and program coordinators. 

Our highly-trained residential counselors are upperclassmen or graduate students in fields related to each program’s focus.  These counselors facilitate campus living through community building and help participants adjust to living away from home. Students get to know one-another through floor activities, shared meals, student socials, and small group get-togethers.

Faculty supervisors and program coordinators are experienced, professional staff members with a background and passion for working with pre-college students.  Staff is available 24-7 during programs through an on-call system.   Students and parents will be provided information on how and when to use the on-call.  Our CPET Office is open regular business hours during the summer for routine questions.

While at UF students are expected to stay with the program group and/or arrive at program activities on time.  Students in our programs for younger high school students or shorter programs will remain with counselors throughout their time at UF.  Older high school students here for longer programs have the most independence and are expected to get themselves to program activities on time- after a couple of days of orientation and a campus tour!

Different programs offer different options for free-time.  Programs for older students typically include the opportunity to “sign-out” in small groups to visit around campus during select free-time.  Our UF SSTP program offers the most independence as students are permitted to leave campus in groups during free time.    Please consult the individual program handbooks and check out previous year’s schedules for more information.


With the exception of SSTP, meals will be provided from a variety of campus and off-campus restaurants, including the UF dining hall which is cafeteria style, on-campus restaurants such as Panda Express or Subway, local restaurants, and catered meals. Many special dietary considerations may be accommodated during the program. Special dietary requests and food allergies should be noted on invitation paperwork in our online application portal.

One way UF SSTP students have the opportunity to fully experience living away from home is by preparing their own meals.  You will stay in apartment-style residence halls which each include a kitchen shared by your three suite-mates.  Students may shop at nearby grocery stores which are within walking distance, a short bus ride, or program-sponsored grocery runs.   Some program-sponsored meals are provided during fieldtrips and socials.