UF Faculty & Graduate Students

Researchers & Lab Teams

UF CPET relies largely on the time and contributions of UF Researchers across campus, including Principal Investigators, Professors, Graduate Students, and Post-Docs. Researchers at all levels across the University of Florida have invaluable insights to science in action. It is our department’s mission to engage high school students across Florida with learning more about career options in STEM, and to provide unique insights into the research community at UF. Below are a few options for UF Researchers to bring their research to students; however we also are available to discuss more options than our listed here. Contact our office for more ways you can get involved and bring your research out into the community!

Become a Lab Host & Mentor

One of the main missions of CPET is to connect high school students and teachers with authentic research experiences, while providing researchers an opportunity to share their research beyond the walls of the laboratory. Lab Hosts allow a student or teacher to assist in their lab over the summer months, while they develop a research or curriculum project. These mentorships are invaluable learning experiences for developing future researchers and the skills required to be successful in a lab. 

Host a Lab Tour

Are you interested in sharing your research, but don’t have a team to assist with hosting students?  Please consider hosting a lab tour. These tours usually last about 30 minutes to an hour and can be scheduled around your lab team’s availability and space capacity. This small commitment on your part can provide a peek inside the life of a researcher that can help expand student understanding of career path options. Lab Tours are offered throughout the year.

Review High School Student Research

The Junior Science Engineering and Humanities Symposium is hosted at the end of January each year. This is the Florida Regional science research competition for the National JSHS competition for high school students. Judges and reviewers assist with reviewing research papers for final decision, judging oral and poster presentations. Input from active researchers assists students to continue to improve their writing and research skills.

Lecture or Hands-On Activity

This option is great for researchers interested in communicating research projects or ideas out to the community. Our CPET programs offer an opportunity to integrate your research topics and messages into our developed science summer program format. Researchers are invited to give an hour lecture about their work, have a hands-on or existing activity, or our team can offer assistance in developing  an activity to give students a more interactive experience.