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CATALySES: Emerging Pathogens focuses on infectious diseases and translational research, from discovery-based research to clinical therapeutics. During the two-week summer institute, teachers work with science and education researchers to develop lessons that convey the principles of biomedical research within the area of infectious disease and emerging pathogens. During the school year, research proposals, resources, formal presentations, review of classroom outcomes and incentives for ongoing professional development will provide continuing support and encouragement to incorporate scientific processes, real-world skills and enthusiasm for bioscience careers into schools in rural and economically disadvantaged settings.


Humanities and the Sunshine State: Teaching Florida’s Climates

Explore Florida’s varied climates rooted in the unique history and culture of North Central Florida. Through hands-on lesson activities and field trips, we will compare archival and geological climate data, walk through the Austin Cary Forest, dive into Florida’s Poe Springs, explore Native American and ecological adaptations to sea level rise along the Gulf Coast, and enjoy locally-sourced meals. Along the way, educators will learn to use a variety of tools to help students understand and consider the need to adapt to a changing climate. These include systems thinking, science fiction, carbon measurement, ethical inquiry, ecosystem mapping, journalism, and oral history. Together, we will experience firsthand how teaching Florida’s climates affects the decisions we must make about our collective future.


Junior Science, Engineering, and Humanities Symposium

JSEHS is a 3-day science conference for 9th – 12th grade students, select middle school students, teachers, and parents.  The program is designed to seek out talented youth and help them develop their interests and abilities in science; assist students in career explorations in the sciences; provide recognition and prestige for students who demonstrate aptitude for scientific studies; offer teachers the opportunity to motivate students and update content knowledge; and demonstrate the vital role of the humanities in the development of scientists and engineers.



 Mini Medical School

The UF Medical Guild and UF CPET are “Partnering for Tomorrow’s Health.” Mini Medical School at the University of Florida is a one-day, in-service opportunity for middle and high school teachers to experience some of the many facets of the University of Florida College of Medicine.  Secondary science, health, and vocational teachers are invited to the University of Florida Health Science Center and Shands at UF for a day filled with opportunities for teachers and university medical researchers to interact and to exchange ideas about medical education outreach.



Multidisciplinary Research Experiences for Teachers (MRET)

The goal of MRET is to prepare K-5 teachers to bolster student interest and enthusiasm for STEM fields. MRET will include four distinct elements designed to heighten elementary educators’ STEM awareness and expertise, including: (1) a 6-week immersive research experience for K-5 teachers; (2) curriculum development assistance through weekly summer meetings led by elementary education experts; (3) exposure to STEM careers through weekly summer seminars from local industry professionals; and (4) engineering student involvement in K-5 classrooms during curriculum development and throughout the school year.



Special Explorations for Teachers and Students

The SETS program provides an opportunity for teachers to bring their students on campus for a custom designed science experience. Based on the goals and objectives of each teacher, CPET works with UF faculty, staff, and students to create an exciting educational exploration of current research concepts, applications and careers in the fields of science. Explorations can be scheduled between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Group size should not exceed 32 students for hands-on experiments. For a full list of Explorations descriptions, visit our Explorations page.



Summer Research Experience

The Summer Research Experience is a three-week research and curriculum writing fellowship for secondary science teachers who have previously completed a two-week summer institute with UF CPET (CATALySES, Bench to Bedside or ICORE). Currently this program is funded as part of an NIH SEPA grant to UF CPET, as well as through individual grants to UF science researchers as part of their Broader Impacts component.

The modules created through this program are available for download under Resources on our Created by Teachers, For Teachers section.


Summer Science Institute

The Summer Science Institute at the University of Florida is an ongoing professional development opportunity for K-12 science teachers focused on updating content knowledge and laboratory experience. Together with UF faculty and graduate students, teachers perform authentic research, visit laboratories and facilities, hear talks by research and industry leaders, share best practices and develop standards-aligned classroom applications.