Working at UF CPET
2018 SSTP Counselors

Working at UF CPET

UF CPET prides itself on providing UF Students and other job opportunities that are rewarding for both the employee and the community we serve. Our department is mission focused and all roles in the department focus on providing customer service and support for our K-12 Student & Teacher Outreach programs. Student positions also help provide students with opportunities to build communication and other important professional skills. 

Student Office Assistant

Requested Commitment:   10-20hrs Per Week  

UF Students are welcome to apply at any time for an Student Office Assistant position with UF CPET.   Student Assistants mainly assist with everyday office tasks including, but not limited to file management, data entry, and application management.   Number of positions vary by semester. 

If you are interested please contact us at to check availability.

Summer Counselor

Now Accpeting Applications! 

Each summer we hire counselors to serve as both logistical support as well as student mentors for high school students attending academic summer programs on the UF Main Campus. Counselors should have at least 2 years of undergraduate experience as well as an interest in STEM and working with high school students. All counselors are provided with training and professional staff support.  The time commitment required varies by program but varies between 3 weeks and 10 weeks. 

SSTP Counselor Application  (Full Summer Position)

Research Explorations Counselor Application  (2 Week Program in July, plus training days prior) 

Gator Computing Program Counselor Application (2 Week day program, plus training days prior)

Global Health Institute Counselor Application  (1 Week Program in July, plus training days prior) 

Research Immersion in Science & Engineering Counselor Application  (1 Week Program in July, plus training days prior) 

SSTP is a Full Summer Position.   

Other programs are shorter and if hired, positions can be combined for full or half summer employment. 

Staff Positions

No current openings.