Why it's worth saving

This program is a four-day, non-residential program running from July 11-14, 2022.  Students will visit labs and listen to and visit with distinguished University of Florida faculty and researchers.  They will take field trips to local rivers, springs, caves, and terrestrial ecosystems while participating in simulations, independent research, and career exploration.

Program Eligibility

Eligible students will be rising 9th and 10th graders AND at least 15 years of age.

Application Fee and Program Cost

Application Fee:  $20 (Application fees are non-refundable even if an application is rejected or waitlisted or in the even that the program is canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other circumstances beyond our control).

Program Cost:  $200

Application Requirements for Florida Threatened

Applicants must create an account in our online application portal in order to apply for any student programs offered by UF CPET. The online application portal is www.ufcpet.smapply.us.    All components are submitted using the online application process unless noted.  After all the below components of the application are completed, student must log into their account and SUBMIT their application.

User Information: Provide applicant and parent/guardian contact information.

Endorsement Form:  One online Endorsement Form filled out and submitted by a high-school or college-level math, science, research, or computer science teacher or mentor is required. 

Endorsers will receive an automated request from noreply@smapply.io once a student has requested an endorsement in their online application. However, we recommend that students contact their teacher prior to filling out the online request.

If they do not receive an email from our system, please double-check that you have their correct email address before contacting us. This is the #1 reason why teachers do not receive the endorsement form.

Application Deadlines & Notifications

Student must submit application by May 20th.

Participants will be notified of a decision by May 30th.

Contact Information

Please contact the Center for Precollegiate Education and Training at:

Phone: 352-392-2310

    Fax:  352-392-2344

  EMail:  students@cpet.ufl.edu