2022 Climate Change Resiliency Program

CANCELLED for 2022 ... Sorry!

Session 1 (Environmental Science): July 12-16, 2021 
Session 2 (Engineering): July 19-23, 2021
Session 3 (Public Health): July 26-30, 2021  

Application Deadline Extended to April 16th!

Eligible for students entering grades 11 or 12

The Climate Change Resiliency Program will offer an interactive online environment for participants to engage in science-based collaborative learning while expanding their knowledge and understanding of the potential impacts of climate change on natural and human-made systems.

There will be three one-week sessions each with a different focus. Session topics are:

  1. Environmental Science: understand the impacts and responses of various natural systems to climate change, such as threats to biodiversity and loss of habit in forests, wetlands, estuaries, and lake systems.
  2. Engineering: explore the challenges faced by environmental and renewable energy engineers to address climate change impacts on natural and human-made systems.
  3. Public Health: investigate and learn about the impacts of climate change on public health such as disease and illness, food and water availability; and natural disasters.

Sessions will meet online for two 2-hour time blocks with a one-hour break for lunch, for a total of 4 hours/day. The scheduled times for the program are 10 AM to 12 PM and 1 to 3 PM EST. Daily activities will include discussions, hands-on activities, and laboratory exercises (materials provided in the form of kits), case studies, virtual field trips, and guest talks from UF faculty and graduate students. There will also be optional social activities offered during the program (e.g., trivia, game nights, etc.).

Students may register for one or multiple sessions.

Important Information: Students must make a commitment to attend and participate for the entire session. Please confirm no other academic, school-related, sports, or family events will conflict with the program dates. 

How much does it cost?

Application Fee: $35

Program Cost: $350 per session – cost includes program staffing and science learning kit and activity materials mailed to each participant. 

Application Requirements for CCRP

Applicants must create an account in our online application portal in order to apply for any student programs offered by UF CPET. The online application portal is www.ufcpet.smapply.us.  All components are submitted using the online application process unless noted.  After all the below components of the application are completed, student must log into their account and SUBMIT their application.

A CCRP Application consists of the following:

User Information: Provide applicant and parent/guardian contact information.

Application Form:  Additional information as well as answering two writing prompts.  The two writing prompts are as follows (each is 300- 500 words):

  • Prompt 1: What is your favorite subject or activity? What do you enjoy about this subject/activity?
  • Prompt 2: Please describe a current environmental issue that you feel is particularly relevant to Florida.

Endorsement Forms:  Two online Endorsement Forms filled out and submitted by high-school or college-level math, science, research, or computer science teachers are required. 

  • We encourage you to ask teachers who know you well.
  • Endorsers will receive an automated request from noreply@smapply.io once a student has requested an endorsement in their online application. However, we recommend that students contact their teacher prior to filling out the online request.
  • If they do not receive an email from our system, please double-check that you have their correct email address before contacting us. This is the #1 reason why teachers do not receive the endorsement form.

High School Transcript (Offline Task*, see note below):  Submit your unofficial transcript with first semester (Fall 2020) grades to UF CPET via FAX.

  • Our FAX is 352-392-2344 (Not sure how to FAX? Ask your guidance counselor for help.)
  • Our fax machine gets really busy during application season, especially as deadlines approach. Make sure your fax sends before walking away! 
  • Students are required to have started their application before transcripts are received. Transcripts received without an associated on-line application account will be destroyed

Application Fee (Offline Task*, see note below):  The link to pay the $35 Application Fee is available here.

  • *Offline Tasks: In the application portal, students are required to acknowledge the requirement of the each of these “off-line” portions by clicking “submit for approval”. The CPET office will log receipt of the each requirement. Please note that our system may be automated, but our process isn’t!  When you send your transcript, we still need to look it over and make sure it has everything we need before a person goes into the system to let you know that we’ve received it. This can take up to three business days based on how many applications we are receiving simultaneously. After the requirement is logged, students will need to complete the section by clicking “complete” in the on-line portal.
Application Deadlines & Notifications

The application deadline is March 15th.  If the program is not filled during the first round of application review, applications will be reviewed and students will be notified of decisions every two weeks.

Once the first round of applications is received, they are reviewed by our Selection Committee.  This review process can take 1-2 weeks, so please be patient.  Each member of our committee carefully reads each application, transcript, and teacher endorsement we receive.  This process takes time.  Frequent calls can slow this process.  Once we have reached a decision, we will send out an email through our online application portal.  Notifications regarding your account and application progress will come from noreply@smapply.io. Please add this address to your email safe senders list, address book, or contact list.

Please note that applicants, not their parents, receive all correspondence from our office.  It is the student’s responsibility to provide a working email address and check that email address regularly for communication from UF CPET.  Failure to respond to email in a timely manner may result in the student being placed on the waitlist. At any time applicants and parent “collaborators” may check on acceptance status in the online portal.

Possible decisions are as follows: invited to attend, waitlist, or not invited.