Research Explorations

The REx program (Formerly RET and EBR) is an advanced introduction to research science, and two distinct academic tracks are available—Biomedical Science or Environmental Health. While the specialized components of each track are separate, REX functions as one program and both tracks live, dine, and socialize together.

Program Dates:
  To be announced soon!

Biomedical Track

This program focuses on translational research, from discovery-based research to clinical therapeutics. This program connects high school students to researchers in interdisciplinary biomedical sciences to promote interest in and preparation for bioscience careers.

Environmental Health Track

This program connects university researchers and students to promote interest in and preparation for environmental science-related careers. Students will engage in a series of activities which highlight the relationship between biological, chemical, and engineering processes needed to mitigate current environmental concerns.

  • Work with your peers to develop an authentic, graduate-level research proposal with assistance from program staff and researchers. Present your research to parents, peers, and invited guests during a formal poster session.
Academics and Carreers
  • Hear from representatives of various academic programs (such as the Honors Program, medical school, & graduate school), and receive information on career tracks relevant to research and practice in biomedicine or the environmental sciences.
  • Live in the Hume Honors College with other participants from around the state. Together, you’ll enjoy fun socials, sports, and other activities in the evenings. Saturday is a special out-of-town field trip and Sunday is for on-campus fun!
How do I apply for REX?

Applications for REX will open in December 2019 and are available through our application portal at Additional information is available on our website. This program is highly competitive, so we recommend applying early and putting a lot of effort into all components of your application!

Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact the UF CPET Team at with any questions.