SSI 2019

During the Summer Science Institute, participants will have the chance to work with UF faculty and graduate students, perform authentic research, visit laboratories and facilities, hear talks by research and industry leaders, develop classroom applications, and take several resources back to the classroom. This is an excellent professional development opportunity for teachers to increase their science content knowledge and gain valuable hands-on experience that will renew their excitement in the classroom and their comfort with their curriculum. Participation in this workshop also forms a partnership between the teachers and the University of Florida and encourages further collaboration between schools and the University.


SSI Session One: 3D Vertebrates, From Museum Shelves to Classrooms

One-week program June 17 – June 21, 2019
Includes on-campus housing and some meals

The biology of vertebrate animals provides opportunities to students to learn about anatomy, function, and evolution. Participants in this workshop will gain a hands-on introduction to vertebrate diversity through lectures, discussion with scientists and students, and visits to the scientific collections of the Florida Museum of Natural History to see rare specimens of both living and extinct species. Using three-dimensional imaging as part of the openVertebrate project (or oVert) funded by the US National Science Foundation (, we are creating digital specimens that can be viewed in the classroom, digitally dissected, 3D-printed, and more. Participants in this program will learn about working with these resources and develop teaching modules that convey key concepts in anatomy, function, and evolution.

SSI Session One is open current life science teachers who have previously attended a one or two-week CPET program. Participants will work together with the SSI team to translate current science and careers information into lessons for the K12 setting. A maximum of 10 participants will be accepted. More information about 3D Vertebrates, From Museum Shelves to Classrooms including teacher expectations can be found here.



The Summer Science Institute features:

  • multi-day professional learning experience that is completely immersive
  • campus housing and breakfast and lunch each day
  • take-home materials for classroom use
  • follow-up support for incorporating SSI activities in your classroom

Program logistics:

  • On-campus housing provided at Hume Hall. The Hume front desk phone number is 352.392.6021.
  • Physical address for Hume Hall: 19 Hume Honors Residential College, Gainesville, FL 32612. Please see the on-campus housing guide for a map and directions as well.
  • Check-in: At Hume Hall. You can pull into the half-circle drive in the front of the building and head up to the front desk for your room keys. Collect your goodie bag and parking permit from CPET staff, then unload your car and go park right across the street. Don’t forget to hang your parking permit on your rearview mirror before locking up.
  • SSI 3D Verts Schedule: A peek at our activities for the week
  • SSI 3D Verts Program Book: Get to know a bit more about the week and your fellow educators before you arrive!
  • What to wear? What to bring? Gainesville in the summer: rain, freezing AC, blistering heat, humidity, and bugs. Around campus, you will be fine with comfortable walking shoes and conservative shorts and shirts. Don’t forget your personal items (i.e., medication) and snacks. We will be sharing one kitchen with one refrigerator (please do not bring groceries for a month!!). You need to bring your own bed linens, pillow, comfy blanket or comforter, and bath towels/wash cloths.
  • Be part of the conversation online and get ready to join us on social media! Special prizes for the best use of social media to share your #UFCPET experience on Facebook: /UFCPETTwitter @ufcpet or on Instagram UF CPET.