Curriculum Development

All curricular materials created through the Summer Research Experience are educative modules created by teachers, for teachers and translate the teacher fellows’ brief two-week University laboratory fellowship into a classroom learning experience.

Curriculum Template

All SRE curriculum should be designed using the curriculum template.

SRE Curriculum Development Guide

Date Due Save as and submit via email, Dropbox, or Google drive by midnight
Every night Qualtrics daily reflection survey
Tuesday, July 5 Curriculum summary –Paragraph about what you are thinking at this point for your curriculum

Identify and clarify the learning outcomes linked to standards – considering your curriculum summary at this point, what standards are you addressing and what are the learning goals?

Specify learning performances to meet the standards – describe the learning performances (= unpacked standards + inquiry practices) addressed in your curriculum



Wednesday, July 6 Create assessments and rubrics linked to learning performances – describe each of the assessments and associated rubrics you will develop to measure the learning performances Firstname_assessments
Thursday, July 7 Identify learning tasks – describe and sequence the learning tasks students will complete

Background information – this section provides the content knowledge an educator should have to successfully implement the curriculum. It should be presented at a deeper level than the material for the students, but not excessively long or jargon-filled.



Friday, July 8 Author’s note, Introduction, Tips about this Curriculum, Lesson summaries, Lesson Sequencing Guide – the beginning parts of the curriculum! Describe your experience or goals for the curriculum (Author’s note), give an overview of the curriculum/disease/process/etc (Introduction) and provide a few sentence description of each of the lessons which encapsulate the learning tasks. Firstname_beginning
Monday, July 11 Lesson One – using the lesson plan template include all student and teacher pages Firstname_One
Tuesday, July 12 Lesson Two – using the lesson plan template include all student and teacher pages Firstname_Two
Wednesday, July 13 Lesson Three – using the lesson plan template include all student and teacher pages Firstname_Three
Thursday, July 14 Summative assessment – In addition to the formative assessments throughout, there should be a summative assessment.

Front and back matter – includes a table of contents and pulls together all of the vocabulary, standards, resources, references, feedback forms, etc.

Friday, July 15 Final designed curriculum – assemble all parts into one word document Firstname_Curric_final

Next Generation Science Standards