ICORE Activities

What is included in each locker?


  • Heat Blocks: 
  • Microtube racks:
  • PCR tube racks: 96 well racks to fit PCR tubes (up to 8 per locker).
  • Microcentrifuge (6 place): 
  • Microcentrifuge (12 place): 
  • Vortex: 
  • Dissecting microscopes (**requires pickup or a simultaneous classroom visit):
  • Mosquito Hatcheries (will need for 2-4 weeks, indicate start and end dates in comments): 

Other Wet Lab Kits:

  • Pipetting by design: 

Activity kits:

  • Dot Blot Simulation: 
  • Medical Mystery of Epidemic Proportions – Cholera (Revised Science Take-Out kit)

Curriculum Kits:

  • The Dengue Dilemma Kit: 

Books, ID cards, games, movies, etc.:

  • Mosquito ID – ID cardsDVDbloodsucking pests books
  • Forest Pathogen ID cards:
  • Contagion Movie
  • Bacterial Pathogens Slide Set
  • PCR Dash:
  • Giant Microbes: