Equipment Lockers: Descriptions

What is included in each locker?

Equipment a la Carte | Cost: $75

  • PCR tube racks: 96 well racks to fit PCR tubes (up to 8 per locker).

Other Wet Lab Kits | Cost: $75

  • Pipetting by Design: 

Curriculum Kits | Cost: $125

  • The Dengue Dilemma Kit: mosquito hatcheries, ELISA simulation (contact for Bio-Rad ELISA kit), E-Gels rigs (contact for gels and simulated DNA), pipetting stations (up to 8 student groups)
  • War of the 21st Century: The Cell Cycle, Cancer and Clinical Trials Kit: laminated cards, laminated cell cycle poster, Clinical Assay Kit (up to 8 student groups)
  • The Pompe Predicament  Kit: laminated cards, DNA Structure to Function (Science Take-Out Kit) (modified), DBS GAA Testing Kit (colorimetric assay) (up to 8 student groups)
  • Chewing on Change: Exploring the Evolution of Horses in Response to Climate Change Kit: Explore horse evolution through the investigation of horse teeth. Includes laminated horse cards, 3D printed horse teeth, sliding calipers, laminated photos of horse teeth, and measuring tape for geologic time scale activity.

Books, ID cards, games, movies, etc. | Cost: $70

  • Giant Microbes: