Equipment and Visit Requests


With the end of our Bench to Bedside program, our funding for the SETS program (including equipment lockers and classroom visits) has been reduced. Due to the commitments of our remaining CPET staff, we will suspend all campus visits, equipment loans, and classroom visits as of March 28. We hope to resume some services for the 2017/2018 school year starting on Sept 1.

Once submitted, a CPET staff member will contact you regarding availability. Lockers that include consumables, such as laboratory reagents, are reserved for Bench teachers only, due to funding restrictions. To request a locker, please submit this form Equipment Locker Request Form.  **Note: Your request must be entered at least two (2) weeks before the materials are needed** Once we review your order, we will generate an invoice to be submitted to your school.

All teachers are now welcome to request a UF campus visit for their students through our SETS program. We have available a variety of wet labs, as well as the opportunity to create a custom visit to meet your unique curricular needs. To request a campus visit, please submit this form UF Campus Visit Request Form.

First year Bench to Bedside can request a classroom visit from a CPET staff member to assist in carrying out a lab. To request a classroom visit, please submit this form Classroom Visit Request Form.

We require demographic information on your participating students prior to scheduling a visit or equipment request. This information will be required on the form you submit for each request. Please see the questions below for the information that you will need to input in your request form.

  1. Number (not percentage) of students in your class only by RACE and GENDER in the current school year. Please fill these categories out to the best of your ability and please do not create new categories.

Ethnicities are:

Native Alaskans
Native Americans
Native Pacific Islanders
White, not Hispanic

  1. Number of students in your class by GRADE LEVEL in the current school year. (Grades 6 – 12)
  2. How many of your students indicated above are considered special education?
  3. How many of your students indicated above are eligible for free and reduced lunch?
  4. What was your source for these numbers and how current is the data? (Please list source and dates)


Funding for equipment lockers, classroom, and campus visits is provided by:


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