Special Explorations for Teachers and Students (SETS)

An AP Bio group shows off their T-shirts!

Thank you for your interest in our SETS program! Our funding for the SETS program (including equipment lockers and classroom visits) has been reduced due to budget cuts and limited staff. Due to the commitments of our remaining CPET staff, we must suspend campus visits, equipment loans, and classroom visits. Only CATALySES teachers are eligible for these services at this time. We hope to resume the program to its full state once additional funding and staff are in place.

**Please contact catalyses@cpet.ufl.edu to indicate your support for full continuation of SETS.**

The SETS program provides an opportunity for teachers to bring their students on campus for a custom designed science experience. Based on the goals and objectives of each teacher, CPET works with UF faculty, staff, and students to create an exciting educational exploration of current research concepts, applications and careers in the fields of science.

The University of Florida is located in Gainesville, Florida in North Central Florida. Situated on 2,000 acres and home to over 46,000 of the brightest minds, the University embraces tradition while fostering continued growth and discovery. The University campus is quite expansive and students and teachers are encouraged to explore the many offerings.

Advanced biotechnology and DNA Science Explorations take place in a teaching laboratory at the UF Cancer/Genetics Research Complex. As a part of the Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research, the teaching laboratory offers students the chance to use authentic research equipment in a true academic laboratory.