2018 MRET Program

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Are you interested in joining us for the 2018 MRET program? Please complete the online application.

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Potential future projects for Summer 2018 are:

  • Novel Materials for Engineering Nerves (Materials Science and Eng.), Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Andrew
  • Engineering Restoration Substrates to Rebuild Oyster Reefs (Environmental Eng. Sciences), Faculty Mentor: Christine Angelini
  • Investigation of Living Shapes with 3D Bioprinting (Mechanical & Aero Eng), Faculty Mentor: Thomas E. Angelini
  • Magnetic particles for biomedical applications (Biomedical and Materials Science & Engineering), Faculty Mentor: Jon Dobson
  • Eco-Hydrodynamics of Underwater Plants (Environmental Eng. Sciences), Faculty Mentor: David Kaplan
  • Mechanical effects on nucleus of cells (Chemical Engineering), Faculty Mentor: Tanmay Lele
  • Farm to Fork: Low-Cost Nanobiosensors for Monitoring Plant Health and Food Quality (Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences [IFAS]), Faculty Mentor: Eric S. McLamore
  • Building and Testing Tornado-Resilient Housing (Civil Engineering), Faculty Mentor: David Prevatt
  • Smart Sensors for Monitoring Coastal Bridges (Civil Engineering), Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Rice
  • Modeling Transport in the Brain (Mechanical and Aerospace Eng), Faculty Mentor: Malisa Sarntinoranont
  • Mechanics of biology and wound healing (Mechanical and Aerospace Eng), Faculty Mentor: Chelsey Simmons