Lesson Plans

Below are the draft lesson plans developed by the 2017 Teaching Florida’s Climates participants.

Amanda Watson_Florida’s Water Stewardship and Awareness Project

Brenda Breil_Identifying and Diagramming the Effects of Global Warming

Carole Prior_Mangroves are coming

Denise Katrina Kathy_Flush This!

Denise Mendoza_Springs then and Now Where has the Water Gone

Donna Foust_Sustainable Human Habits

Doug Smith_Map the flow, go with the flow

Eileen Bobeck_FLVS Face to Face Workshop

Gina Simonton_What should be our shared water ethic for our local land of 1000 springs

Jane Martinez_Agriculture and Its Environmental Impact

John Dickinson_Systems diagram for environmental science

Kathy Berdugo_Aquifers Natures water fountain

Kristin Wilson_Mangroves Adaptations and Impacts

LaShanda West_Water Crisis Around The World

Lisa Meghan_Oh the Hugh Manatee

Lisa McDonald_Our Endangered Springs

Madison Howard_Preparing for the Next Hurricane Katrina

Maggie Dewey_Global warming Climate change

Nadia King_Human Impact on the Environment

Sal Grilli_Soil chemistry 101

Stephanie Moody_Lowell and Indialantic Why did they change

Tammara Purdin_Global Warming and Comparisons

Tonya Clayton_Living in Paradise