CATALySES Class of 2017

Getting to Know Our Neighbors by Adenike Akinyode

An Invitation for Change — Empowering Underserved Populations through Citizen Science by Simone Barnes

The Impact of Teaching Plants Through a Disease Module on Student Engagement, Attitude and Learning Gains by Keesha Bolden

Using Emerging Pathogens as a Vector for Teaching Project-based Storyline learning to 9th Grade Biology I Students by Christine Brink

What’s in the Water? by Susan Chabot

Engaging Students below Grade Level in High School Biology by Niya Clark

The Effects of Integrating Emerging Pathogens on Student Interest and Performance by Christopher Druyff

Disease Biology: Teaching Biology Standards through Disease Modules by Elisabeth Emery

Effects of an Emerging Pathogen-Centered Lesson on Student Engagement and Perceived Lesson Effectiveness in the Advanced Placement Biology Classroom by William Furiosi

A Study of the Impact of Reading Skills and Strategies on Achievement in a High School Biology Course by Shavon Hendrix

Disease-ology: Transforming the Teaching of Biology Using a Disease Model for Evolution by Jeff Higginbotham

Ewww, A Mouthful of Microbes! The Use of Microbial and Molecular Techniques to Identify the Bacteria in Your Mouth by Alejandro Krause

Eternally Yours: Using Antibiotic Resistance Experiments to Enhance Inquiry-Based Learning in an AP Biology Curriculum by Francisco Saravia

Water is Life by Carlia Vaughn

Breeding Scientific Understanding and Ideas Through Change! by Steven Wilkie