2017 Program Materials

The CATALySES team welcomes you to our summer 2017 institute!




Daily reflection prompt for Monday, June 19

Daily reflection prompt for Tuesday, June 20

Daily reflection prompt for Wednesday, June 21

Daily reflection prompt for Thursday, June 22

Daily reflection prompt for Friday, June 23



Meet the Menacing Microbes

The Dengue Dilemma

Pipetting by Design

Ebola (map and 31 cases version)

Ebola (HHMI version with 15 sequences)

Ebola (from the Broad Institute with instructions on using BLAST and Jalview to work with the sequences)

Ebola (from Science in the Classroom based on the Science article published on the sequence data of the outbreak – has lots of links to other resources)


Welcome information

2017 Participant Schedule

Welcome letter

CATALySES requirements and benefits

Best practice template (MS Word)

Conference Guest Guidelines (provided by UF Conference Services/Housing)

Vendor application form (needs to be faxed to Ryan at 352.392.2344 for stipend)

Opening ceremony map and directions (Emerging Pathogens Institute, Sunday, June 18 at 5pm)

On-campus housing information packet (what to pack and where you will be living for two weeks with directions to Hume Housing)

DHNet Guest Letter – Welcome Information Sheet (provided by UF Conference Services/Housing)

Here are some websites that may be useful to ready your computer/devise to connect to the UF WiFi:

  1. This should take you through all the steps you’ll need in order to make sure your laptop meets the safety requirements set forth by UF: https://getonline.ufl.edu/
  2. Here are the steps listed out for the autoconfiguration above: https://kb.helpdesk.ufl.edu/FAQs/HowDoIConnectToTheUfWirelessSystem
  3. This document walks you through the process as well, but the prompts may only show up when you are physically connected on campus, not at home: https://training.it.ufl.edu/media/trainingitufledu/documents/Connecting-to-UF-Wi-Fi-Tutorial-.pdf

UF Help Desk number in case you need extra help: (352) 392-4357