Biomedical Explorations: Bench to Bedside

Biomedical Explorations: Bench to Bedside focuses on translational research, from discovery-based research to clinical therapeutics. Bench to Bedside is funded by a Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA), administered by the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), National Institutes of Health (NIH).This project creates and expands partnerships that connect researchers in interdisciplinary biomedical sciences with high school teachers to promote students’ interest in and preparation for bioscience careers. This innovative program integrates experiences from a summer Institute into classroom action during the school year.

During the Institute, an experimental sequence in basic science and clinical and applied research environments will illustrate scientific content, pedagogical methods, career options, and conceptual and technological interrelationships within translational research. Teachers work with science and education researchers to develop lessons and laboratory exercises that convey the principles of translational research and drug development in the context of career choices. During the school year, research proposals, resources, formal presentations, review of classroom outcomes and incentives for ongoing professional development will provide continuing support and encouragement to incorporate scientific processes, real-world skills and enthusiasm for bioscience careers into schools in rural and economically disadvantaged settings.

The project supports science teachers with opportunities for personal enrichment and professional advancement in biotechnology education and empowers them as agents of change in classrooms. It draws on all components of medical and biotechnology research and education at the University of Florida to further the recruitment, education and certification of high school teachers, especially those from rural and underserved communities.

B2B Phase I, Grant No: R25 RR023294

B2B Phase II, Grant No: R25 OD16551