Who is eligible to apply for the 2018 UF SSTP?

Students currently in the 11th grade and who will be 16 years old or older by June 10, 2018 are eligible for the 2018 UF SSTP. There are no exceptions to the age policy. There is no minimum GPA to apply, however this is an academically rigorous program and applicants’ transcripts should reflect high academic standards both in grades and coursework.   Standardized test are not required to apply, however should be report if taken.

Grade Eligibility Exception: If a student will graduate high school early (after 11th grade) and is at least 16 years old, then it would be most appropriate for them to attend SSTP the summer before graduation (most likely after their 10th grade year).  A letter from a guidance counselor will be required.    Likewise, International students should attend the summer before their final year of high school, as some educational settings high school ends after 11th grade.   

Note: All students MUST be 16 years old to participate, there is no age exceptions allowed.

Can non-Florida and international students apply?

Yes, non-Florida and international students may apply for UF SSTP. A limited number of spots are designated for students from non-Florida high schools. If accepted, students and their families are responsible for all travel arrangements and/or travel requirements such as passports/Visa, etc.

What are the academic expectations of the program?

During the UF SSTP, students will be required to fully participant in their assigned research lab, be an active listener at morning faculty lectures, and be an active participant in the honor seminar class. Success and grades are primarily based upon engage participation.

Each student will write a journal-ready research paper, give two science talks (mid-tem and final presentation), and prepared a poster based upon the the research conducted in the lab. Academic counselors support the student’s efforts through weekly meetings, formal written feedback, study groups, and informal conversations.

Students complete assignments based upon the morning lectures which require students to synthesize and think critically about the material presented.

Participants will also complete the course work assigned by their honors seminar leaders which may include reading the primary literature, quizzes, group presentations, and class discussions.

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment (DE) is an opportunity for high school students to enroll in classes at the University of Florida and to receive both high school and college credit for the courses taken. Students attending a public Florida high school may participate in DE. Students attending a private high school or homeschool program may participate in DE if an articulation agreement is established between the high school and UF. Interested students may contact our office to inquire if their private high school or homeschool program currently has an articulation agreement or for information on how to establish an agreement.

Eligible students may earn up to 6 college credits and 1 high school credit for the work completed at the UF SSTP. Refer to the Dual Enrollment for UF SSTP webpage for information about the courses offered. No alternate or additional courses may be taken.

For more information about DE at UF, go to the UF DE webpage

Non-Florida high school students and students attending a private high school or homeschool without an articulation agreement may not earn college credit for participating in the UF SSTP. All students regardless of DE status participate in the same program activities and complete the same requirements. Letters of Accommodation are sent to all school principals detailing the work students completed at UF SSTP and their outstanding accomplishments in the program. Letters of Recommendation may be requested from students successfully completing the program.

How do we submit our application?

Please go to our dedicated How to Apply page for more information.

When is the best time to apply?

Applications will be available in December of the prior year. We will begin reviewing applications in February and will be accepting students on a rolling admission basis. We encourage students to submit all their completed application materials as soon as possible. Please note that Teacher Endorsement Forms must be sent directly from the endorsers.

Will you confirm when you receive all the application material?

You will be able to see updates regarding your application by logging in to the online application portal to view your application.  Automated emails will be sent to the email address provided.

What is the admission process for UF SSTP?

UF SSTP has a rolling admission process. The Selection Committee starts reviewing applications at the beginning of February. Only fully completed applications are considered. After February 14th, student can generally expect to be notified within two weeks of completing their application whether they have been accepted, waitlisted, or not accepted to UF SSTP.

Not all spots are filled during the first round of review. Therefore, many students will be placed on a waitlist. The waitlist is not ranked. To remain on the waitlist and be considered in the next round of reviews, students must confirm their place on the waitlist. If we do not receive your confirmation, your application will no longer be reviewed and you will receive no further communication from us.

When does the program fill and stop taking applications?

We cannot predict when the program will fill; some years the program filled by the end of February and other years spots opened up at the start of April. Students are encouraged to submit their application early, however students are also encouraged to continue to apply until we announce that no more applications are being accepted (because sometimes a spot opens for which you are uniquely qualified).

How many students are accepted?

We receive a tremendous number of applications for approximately 90 students each summer.

What happens if I am waitlisted?

Don’t panic- many students are placed on the waitlist. To remain on the waitlist and be considered in the next round of reviews, students must confirm their place on the waitlist. If we do not receive your confirmation, your application will no longer be reviewed and you will receive no further communication from us.

The waitlist is not ranked.

You will be notified when admission process concludes.