Research Explorations – Biomedical

Research Explorations – Biomedical is a two-week summer program at the University of Florida for high school students entering 11th and 12th grade.  The program focuses on translational research, from discovery-based research to clinical therapeutics. During the program, students engage in an experimental sequence in basic science.  Visits to research and clinical lab spaces help to illustrate scientific content, research methods, career options, and interrelationships within translational research.

In addition to learning about cutting-edge research and techniques happening at UF, students also work with science faculty and graduate student researchers to develop a research proposal to investigate principles of biomedical research and drug development, drawing upon the laboratory experiences of the program. Explorations in Biomedical Research helps students to incorporate scientific processes, skills, and enthusiasm for investigating real-world phenomena.


What students are saying about Explorations in Biomedical Research

“EBR was so much fun, I had a great time and learned a lot about how research is done”

“I loved the instructors, they are super passionate about what they are doing and I strive to be similar to them as I further my academic career”

“Presentations and lab activities were informative and interesting, I had a great time”

“The instructors and staff were great, they always made sure we were enjoying ourselves and did everything possible to provide us with anything we needed”