Application Process

The application period will open by January 1st each year, and applications are submitted through spring.  The first round of application review varies, so be sure to check the individual program pages. Applications are all submitted using our online application portal:

In general, a UF CPET application consists of the following, though you should follow the posted guidelines for each program, as specifics differ.

  • Application Form
  • Essays or Prompts
  • Endorsement Form(s). We do not accept standalone Letters of Recommendations.   Our on-line endorsement form must be used; however, we offer the opportunity for written feedback and/or letter of recommendation.
  • A copy of your transcript that includes your most recent semester grades.
  • Some programs require an application fee: $35.  These fees are paid using Eventbrite.

Endorsement Forms

When requesting an endorsement, we encourage you to take the time to speak with your teacher or mentor  to share a little about what you are applying for and why you want to attend.  Be sure to respect their time and seek out endorsements as early as possible.  See program application guideline for the specific number and types of endorsements.  Some programs require endorsements from certain teachers, counselors, deans, etc.

Students applying to UF SSTP should have at least one endorsement from a teacher in the subject area you wish to study while at the program.

Once you enter your endorser’s information in our online application portal, they will be sent an online endorsement form.  Contact endorsers directly to request their support prior to filling out your online application.   If they do not receive an email from our system, please double-check that you have their correct email address before contacting us.  This is the #1 reason why teachers do not receive the endorsement form.


You will be asked to submit a copy of your transcripts that include your most recent semester grades.  We know this means that we may receive all your other application material first while you wait for 1st semester grades to be posted.  Please do not send your transcripts until your current-year first semester grades are posted.

For most of our programs an unofficial transcripts or report cards are okay and may be sent directly by the applicant.

For the UF SSTP, please send us an official transcript via mail or ask your guidance counselor to fax an unofficial copy from your school.

Our mailing address: PO Box 112010, Gainesville, FL  32611

Our FAX: 352-392-2344  Not sure how to FAX?  Ask your guidance counselor for help.    Our fax machine gets really busy during application season, especially as deadlines approach.  Make sure your fax sends before walking away!

Please note that our system may be automated, but our process isn’t!  When you send your transcript, we still need to look it over and make sure it has everything we need before a person goes into the system to let you know that we’ve received it.  This can take up to three business days based on how many applications we are receiving simultaneously.  Please don’t wait until the last minute to send your transcripts!

Application Status, Materials, and Notifications

 Students may check application status through their on-line portal.  We do not give status updates over the phone or email.  Parents may join the application process as a “collaborator” in SMApply.  The only portion of our process which is not automated is the receiving and entering of transcripts.  Allow 3 business days for faxed transcripts and 2 weeks for mailed transcripts to be entered into our system.  Please note that our fax machine becomes very busy during application season, especially as deadlines approach.  We encourage you to make sure your fax sends before walking away!

UF CPET staff abide by FERPA and University application standards and therefore do not discuss applications, applicant data (individual or aggregated), nor selection with students or parents. Neither originals nor copies of a student’s application material will be returned. Once an application is submitted, students may view and download, but not edit, their application through the online portal.

Once the first round of applications is received, they are reviewed by our Selection Committee.  This review process can take 3 or more weeks, so please be patient.  Each member of our committee carefully reads each application, transcript, and teacher endorsement we receive.  This process takes time.  Frequent calls can slow this process.  Once we have reached a decision, we will send out an email through our online application portal.  Notifications regarding your account and application progress will come from Please add this address to your email safe senders list, address book, or contact list. Please note that applicants, not their parents, receive all correspondence from our office.  At any time applicants and parent “collaborators” may check on acceptance status in the on-line portal.

Application Status

There are three possible decisions are as follows:  invited to attend, waitlist, or not invited.

Invited to Attend

If you are invited to attend, congratulations!  UF CPET programs are competitive and you are about to have the experience of a lifetime.  At this point, you will be in the “Invited to Attend” stage in our application portal.   You will have 10 days to decide to attend the program or defer your acceptance (see Defer Option below).

Once you accept your invitation, you’ll have basic forms to return using the same on-line portal, including your Response to Invitation, Participation Agreement and Release of Liability, and a few more, depending on the program.  You will also need to add a parent or guardian as a collaborator on your paperwork if you have not done so already.  Some programs will require a deposit.  After this invitation paperwork is returned, you are officially attending!  You’ll move on to the “Attending” stage, where we’ll continue to collect the specific information and forms needed for your program.

Defer Option

If you are invited to attend, but do not know if you can attend, you can defer your acceptance. If you choose to defer, we will not hold a place for you in the program. Instead, once you are able to make a commitment to attend, please contact our office to inquire if space is still available.


We receive more applications than space and unfortunately, that means some students are placed on a waitlist.  The waitlist is unranked and is not a reflection of the quality of your application.  We are building programs of students from diverse backgrounds, schools, experiences, and interests.  We also have limited residence hall space and must fill suites single gender.  All of this means that there are many moving parts to our enrollment process.

If you are placed on the waitlist, we encourage you remain on the waitlist as long as you feel comfortable.

If you choose to remain on the waitlist, your application will continue to be considered for selection.  We will only notify you again if you are invited to attend or the selection processes is completed.

Not Invited

Sadly, some students will not be invited to our program.  We know this is difficult news to receive.  As hard as it is to not invite a student, we feel it is fairer to be upfront and honest with students when we know that we will not be able to offer them a spot in our program.  Many programs place all students on a “waitlist” to avoid the difficult decisions.  It does not do any good when students hold out hope for an invitation what will not be coming.  Instead, we hope that being upfront about the enrollment process will encourage students to seek out many of the other great summer programs out there.

Using SurveyMonkey Apply

All of our applications, endorsements, and invitation paperwork are completed using our online application portal, which is powered by SurveyMonkey Apply.  This software assists us in collecting your paperwork easily and efficiently, so we can spend more time designing incredible programs, and less time compiling forms.  We try to lay out all the details on these webpages, so please read thoroughly before reaching out to our office.  If you are having an issue with logging into the system, please use the online portal to resolve this issue – our office does not have access to your login information.

In order to use this system, you must first make an account.  After making an account you will fill out an eligibility form, which will narrow the programs seen to only the ones you are eligible for based on your grade level.  We use your rising grade level for the summer on our forms, so if you are a 9th grader now, for example, you will be a rising 10th grader for the summer program.  Please note that our programs also have age requirements- if you have skipped a grade, are an accelerated homeschool student, or are from outside the US, you may not meet the age requirement.  Double check before proceeding.

While the online system automates some aspects of the application process, it doesn’t take away the work being done by our staff on the back end.  If you are waiting for an offline task to be accepted by our office, please note that this is not automated and that we must actually verify receipt and go into the system to mark as accepted.  Please give us 3 business day for faxed items and 2 weeks for mailed items.

Please check out these Frequently Asked Questions regarding using Survey Monkey Apply: 

Mailing Addresses

For US Postal Service Delivery For UPS or FedEx Delivery
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Center for Precollegiate Education and Training
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