Program Overview

2008. Students enagage in a morning lecture. 2008 UF SSTP participants enagage in a morning lecture.

The three academic components of the UF SSTP are laboratory research, a science lecture series, and a UF Honors Program seminar class (see the Research, Lectures and Seminars section of the webpage for details on each). UF SSTP students’ academic success is supported by residential and academic counselors who lead small group discussions, meet weekly with research faculty mentors, hold weekly individual meetings with students, assist with students’ understanding of scientific articles, and provide guidance and feedback on academic assignments.

The program’s academic requirements include participating fully in all program activities, submitting weekly lab notes, developing and writing a scientific research paper, presenting a research poster, and giving two oral presentations. Additional academic requirements include assignments given by instructors for the UF Honors Program seminar class. The assignments vary, however, students can expect to be evaluated on class preparedness and participation in addition to graded assessments such as quizzes, presentations, reaction papers, and projects.

The UF SSTP creates an environment that promotes the academic and personal growth of students, helping each develop important interpersonal, organizational, professional communication, and leadership skills in an academically enriching setting. UF SSTP Participants gain effective communication and leadership skills through small group discussions, oral presentations, workshops, and practical experiences. UF SSTP participants engage in service-learning through a coordinated creek clean-up service project with the UF campus and surrounding Gainesville community.

St. Augustine 2010 Participants trek along the streets of
St. Augustine during a Saturday Field Trip.

Weekend events include social and service activities, as well as field trips to a theme park, the Ichetucknee River, and other fun Florida places of interest. Participants attend all SSTP-sponsored social and weekend activities together. The UF SSTP schedule also includes unstructured times for students to study, play sports, socialize, wash laundry, and hang out. Overall, the UF SSTP offers the motivated student a unique and intensive learning environment designed to provide challenging and inspiring experiences and to stimulate interest in science-related careers. A sample general schedule is available to explore the activities you would expect as a participant in the UF SSTP. Please note: The academic requirements provided here are a sample of the types of activities and assessments a UF SSTP participant can expect to complete. The information provided should not be viewed as comprehensive and may change.