Residence Hall
and Roommates

Sean the counselor gets the double rabbit-ear!

Sean the counselor gets the double rabbit-ear!

Will I have internet access in the residence hall?

Yes. Students will be able to connect to the internet via wi-fi or an Ethernet cable.

There are two networks at UF: The UF Wireless Network and the UF Housing DHNet Network. Both require a Gatorlink Account to log-in. Participants will be given instructions on creating a Gatorlink Account in mid-May.

To access the UF Housing DHNet Network via either wi-fi or an Ethernet cable, student must comply with specific rules beyond general ISP guidelines and run specified software. Likewise, to access the UF Wireless Network, students must have specified and up-to-date anti-virus software, however if a student’s computer complies with the UF Housing DHNet Netwok requirements, it will comply with the UF Wireless Network.

Click here to view the networking requirements.

Please note that the university does not guarantee wireless service in residents’ rooms, so it is recommended that all students bring an Ethernet cable with them for the summer.

All SSTP students also have access to the campus computer labs where internet access is available.

Will I have access to a landline phone in the residence hall?

No. UF residence halls no longer offer phone services. For this reason, all students attending SSTP must bring a cell phone.

My best friend has also been invited to attend the program. May we room together?

No. It is our policy not to room friends and/or students from the same school/county in the same suite. The SSTP program is a college immersion experience.

I am a vegetarian. Can I be in a suite with other vegetarians?

Yes. Roughly 20% of our participants are vegetarian and you will be assigned to a suite with at least one vegetarian suitemate.

Will students have access to on-campus gyms?

All SSTP participants will have access to the Broward Outdoor Recreational Complex which includes many amenities and the outdoor pools. Additionally, open green spaces allow for students to play field-games such as soccer.

In addition, SSTP participants who dual enroll will be allowed to use the indoor gym facilities.

SSTP participants who are not dual enrolled will not be allowed to use the indoor gym facilities.