Lab Assignments
and Academics

A 2012 participant in hwer lab

A 2012 participant in her lab.

When will I find out my research assignment?

Lab assignments will be announced the day after you arrive for the program. It is our top priority to provide SSTP participants with an outstanding lab-mentorship. We work closely with UF Faculty to place students in a lab that meets their research interest and career goals, while taking into consideration a student’s previous research experience and high school course work.

Will I be able to get a science fair project from this program?

The purpose of the UF SSTP is to provide the student with a college-level research experience. In many cases the student is able to use the work they did in the program for science competitions, but that is not guaranteed nor is it the focus of this program.

What kind of school supplies do I need to bring?

SSTP participants will receive a laboratory notebook, a research text book, and a three-ring binder with lined paper for taking notes. Student should bring any school supplies typically used in the classroom, such as pens, pencils, a calculator, highlighters, printer paper (if you bring a printer), etc.

All academic assignments will require the use of a computer. Written assignments must word processed, data analysis most likely will require a database or spreadsheet program, the final oral presentation will require computer generated visuals (such as PowerPoint), and the final research poster must be created in a digital format (PowerPoint or similar program). Assignments and the final research poster must be word processed and printed. Students will be responsible for their printing costs during the program. The computer labs around campus and several off campus businesses offer printing services. Students are also permitted to have a printer in their room.

May I bring a computer?

Yes. Students are allowed to bring laptops and printers. Students bringing Apple products should also bring appropriate adapters for AV equipment.

Students are not required to bring a computer. You will be able to use the computer labs on campus, and in some instances, in your research lab. This will provide sufficient opportunity for you to complete assignments.