Fees and Financial Aid

How much does it cost?

The program fee for summer 2018 is $4,800. The program fee covers on-campus residential housing, staffing, insurance, membership to outdoor gym-recreational facilities, laboratory manual and research text book, a program t-shirt, and most program-sponsored activity expenses such as entrance tickets to parks, transportation and meals for field trips, weekly social activities and events, a formal banquet, a student-faculty-parent research poster reception, closing ceremony, and a group picture. The cost to attend SSTP does not include daily meals.

There is a $35 application fee. When a student has been invited to attend SSTP, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required to be sent to our office postmarked within 10 days of their invitation. Students applying for need-based financial assistance and meeting the criteria of potential scholarships may have the deposit fee waived.  Florida students eligible for free and reduced lunch may also request to have their application fee waived.  Links for online payment, financial aid forms, and fee waivers can be found here.

Limited financial aid may be available for students attending a Florida high school. Financial Aid Applications should be submitted with the application or as soon as possible after the application is completed. Students qualifying for potential scholarships will be waived the program deposit if accepted to SSTP.

The amount of personal spending money required for the program varies. Students should budget for the following: grocery shopping; the number of meals he or she plans to eat out; non-program-sponsored social activities such as going to the movies; souvenirs from the UF bookstore and field trips; drinks, snacks, and one meal at a theme park (SSTP will provide one meal); and some academic expenses such as printing in UF computer labs and printing of the final research poster.

Transportation cost for travel to and from Gainesville are the responsibility of the students and their families.

Is Financial Aid available?

Financial aid is only available to Florida residents attending an in-state school.

Monies donated for SSTP scholarship use are limited and vary from year to year, and often have very specific requirements for distribution outlined by the donor. Sometimes the number and amounts of available scholarships are not known until later in the application process. Regardless of your financial situation, we encourage you to complete the application procedure (including the Financial Aid application). The information you provide on your application will be cross-referenced with any possible scholarships available and you will be notified as soon as possible as to the outcome. Students who want to attend but need financial assistance should not count on being funded; but rather, should be active in seeking and raising funds on their own to ensure their attendance.

What can I do to raise money on my own?

You can view and print suggested guidelines for raising funds for your SSTP experience here.  Participants from past years have been very successful in raising their own funding by using these suggestions.