Science Quest

The Science Quest summer program immerses students entering 10th grade high school students in various science disciplines at the University of Florida to stimulate their interest and appreciation for the range of college and career opportunities available in science.

Students will live in a campus residence hall for one week, attend a variety of lectures and demonstrations, visit research laboratories and other facilities, and perform multiple science experiments. Science Quest participants will look through “Windows into Science” by exploring physical sciences such as Engineering, Geology, and Physics; delving into the molecular sciences, with emphasis on biomedical, forensic and environmental applications; investigating biological sciences such as Entomology, Microbiology, and Zoology; and much more. This is a science enrichment program, and students will be expected to learn, synthesize and apply what they’ve learned from a wide range of University level research to a culminating group project.



Interested in applying to Science Quest? Applications for summer 2018 will be available starting in December on our 2018 Program Applications Page!

What students are saying about Science Quest:

“I think anyone considering a career in the sciences should apply for Science Quest.”

“Science Quest showed that science fields are not all about test tubes and beakers, but that scientists work in many different ways with various devices.”

“Science Quest was a really educational, but incredibly fun, experience. Being in such a small group was awesome; we all got really close and we still keep in touch.”

“Loved everything: the science, the people. The entire experience was extraordinary.”

“Science Quest did a great job with combining science with fun!”