Science for Life Research Course

This undergraduate seminar course provides new students with presentations from research-active faculty, illustrating opportunities available for student research.

Science for Life Research Course (BCH4905)Science for Life Lecture 2016

This course is intended for students who are

  • interested in gaining insight into how fundamental science and engineering concepts are used in discoveries in the life sciences;
  • interested in learning about cutting-edge research at UF; and
  • interested in exploring the possibility of a research experience.

This weekly seminar course will give students insight and appreciation of how fundamental science and engineering concepts are used in emerging research and discoveries, especially in the life sciences. Students will be introduced to the kinds of opportunities available in faculty bench, field and computer laboratories in departments, colleges, centers and institutes on all parts of campus. During each session, three professors from different UF colleges will speak on current topics in interdisciplinary science and engineering fields; the primary –but not exclusive- emphasis will be on the biological and health sciences. The faculty members will present brief summaries of their laboratory philosophy and research interests; their presentations are designed to give students a deeper awareness and understanding of the types of research ongoing at UF (and globally), and to inspire/encourage student interest in exploring the many opportunities to do research available to students at this world-class research university.

Students majoring in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM fields) will find this course to be engaging and valuable.  However, non-STEM majors with a strong background in high school science and a passion for research will also benefit from the multi-disciplinary research and guidance offered by the presenters in this course.


Registration: To register for this course, add course number BCH4905. Please direct any questions regarding registering for the course to Dr. Mary Jo Koroly.

Syllabus: Download here