Research in Environmental Toxicology

Research in Environmental Toxicology (RET) is a two-week program for high school students entering grades 11 and 12 that will engage participants in current environmental toxicology research. The interdisciplinary field of environmental toxicology addresses local and global environmental health issues that result from human impact in an ever-changing world.  RET students will have hands-on experience in solving these dynamic problems through participating in a series of activities highlighting the relationship between biological, chemical, and engineering practices needed to mitigate current environmental concerns. As students learn about the many facets of this field, they will also be challenged with considering new approaches to prevent damage to the biotic and abiotic factors of different ecosystems.

Students will work with faculty and graduate student researchers to develop a proposal to investigate principles of environmental toxicology, drawing upon the indoor and field-based laboratory experiences of the program. RET will provide support and encouragement for students to incorporate scientific and engineering processes, real-world skills, and enthusiasm for environmental science as they consider future academic and career paths.

The inaugural program will be offered July 16 – 28, 2017.

Want to know more about the 2017 Research in Environmental Toxicology program? Visit the 2017 RET page.

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We are still accepting applications for this program. Students should complete their application as soon as possible to be considered in the next round of reviews. Application review will continue until all positions have been filled.