Student Research Proposals

Caduceus.svgAs part of the EBR program, students are asked to create a research proposal to investigate an as-of-yet unanswered question in biomedical research.  Students were asked to formulate questions on a topic of their own interest and then detail their strategies for determining an answer, assuming they had the necessary funding, staff, and facilities.

Within their proposals, each student pair/group was asked to include the following information: Biosketch, Title/Cover Page, Specific Aims (including background information and hypothesis), Research Strategy, and References.  The proposals below were created by EBR Class of 2015:


Alternatives of Diagnostic Angiography Procedure: Using Barium Sulfate in Conjunction with Oxygen Through a Respirator by Natalie Cimaglia, Alexandra Faife, and Olamide Oyadiran

Antimicrobial Resistance: Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) by Milann Cox and Ana Tene-Manescu

Breaking down amyloid plaque to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease by Abigail Shavell and Adia Gomes

Cryopreserving Organs to Extend their Life for Transplantation by Sami Soliman

Developing a modified version of the common antibiotic Coprofloxacin to target only the topoisomerase in bacteria and not humans by Edson Abadia and Alexandra Hanflink

Effect of Dehydration on Gene Expression in Human Skeletal Muscle Cells by Patrick Rao

The effects of intravenously injected ghrelin on the hunger levels and food intake with patients diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa by Rikuto Fukumori and Ricardo Martinez

The Usage of Stem Cells and Exercise in Parkinson’s Disease by Nevada Cox and Emily Keith

Using stem cells to help cure Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis by Alexandra Avendano and Jordi Pedroza