Application Frequently Asked Questions


  • Website:, must register and take eligibility quiz
  • Emails will come from:
    • Check SPAM or junk folder. Make this email address a contact or safe-sender
  • All application progress will save and you can come back to complete at any point. We suggest writing and editing essays in word to check spelling, grammar, and word count.
  • Offline tasks (transcripts, registration fees, academic records) must be SUBMITTED by student before a UF CPET administrator can approve that these documents have been received.
    • After these have been received and approved by an administrator, student will have to LOG BACK IN to submit their final application.
  • Teacher endorsements must be sent via online portal. If teacher is not receiving email, be sure that their email address is entered correctly.  Make sure that emails from are not going to junk mail.  Have endorser add this email to safe sender list.
    • Once teacher endorsements are submitted, applicant must log back in and click “mark as complete” on the teacher endorsement tab.
  • We do not give updates on applications, all status updates can be found by logging into your account.d
  • Student may add a parent account by clicking “add collaborator” on the left hand side of their application portal.
    • Collaborators cannot edit applications, but can view them. If student is accepted to program, a collaborator account will have to be made for parent to fill out program forms.