Graduate Student Modules

The lessons on this page were developed by graduate students at the University of Florida in conjunction with CPET summer programs.


Plant Phylogenetics

The following module was developed by Jacob Landis, a botany graduate student in the Soltis Lab (of Molecular Systematics and Evolutionary Genetics) and Julie Bokor, Assistant Director of CPET.  It highlights some of Jacob’s work with plants and their pollinators, and was implemented with Science Quest and STEM Immersion during the summer of 2013.

You can use plants in your schoolyard or from the local home improvement store to help students understand more about plant biology and the co-evolution of their pollinator species. Students conduct both morphological and molecular investigations, which result in two different phylogenies.

We invite you to try this unit with your students, and let us know how it goes. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions (or would like an alternative file type)!

Teacher edition
Student handouts
Day 1 Powerpoint Slides
Day 2 Powerpoint Slides

You can also visit our STEM Immersion (Day 1, Day 2) and Science Quest (2013) pages to see our students in action!


Emerging Pathogens

The following modules were developed by graduate students in “GMS 5905: Communicating Science – Topics in Emerging Pathogens” through the ICORE program:

Virus structure

Using google earth and reassortment activity

Pathogens in Shellfish Activity and Presentation

Origin of emerging pathogens

Mosquito biology

Malaria Presentation and Activities

Koch’s Postulates Presentation and Activity

Avian Flu