Genetics and Human Disease



Pharmacogenomics – Using our Genetic Information to Personalize our Medical Needs by Ybelise Escoto

Mutation and Transformation – A study of phenotypic change caused by mutation and genetic engineering by Jon Benskin

Bioengineered Livers in the classroom, you can’t really do that by Robb Bartenslager

Diabetes and the Central Dogma by Ken Gill

Evolutionary Race – the Immune System’s Reaction to Disease and How Scientists Use Biotechnology as a Secret Weapon by Vanessa Lopez

HIV – A Study of Infection, Spread, Treatment, and Drug Development by Jon Benskin

Silence of the Genes – A Biotech Study in Gene Silencing and RNA Interference by Stace Alcala and Amy Demins

The Case of the Missing Protein by Kathy Savage

Autism and its Connections to the Nervous System Curriculum by Laura Bushwitz

Save the Babies – Necrotizing Enterocolitis by Jackie Insalaco

Glycogen Storage Disease – Using a Rare Disease to Learn about Molecular Biology by Allison Moyel and Mary Russ