CPET Program Activities

The following is a list of activities utilized by CPET teacher programs.  For full curricular units developed by CPET Staff and Teacher Fellows, please take a look at our Biomedical Curriculum Series!

Shared Activities

Pipetting by Design

Gel Electrophoresis (E-Gels)

pGLO Bacterial Transformation

Restriction Digest and Analysis of Lambda DNA

Candy DNA Model

Classroom Micro Arrays

Crime Scene Investigator DNA Kit

Strawberry DNA Extraction 

Amazing Dyes

PCR Dash

Simulation Kits: Microarrays ELISA  Southern Blot


CATALySES Program Activities

Mouthful of Microbes

Antibiotic Resistance

Hunger Games: Pathogen Edition


Bench to Bedside Program Activities

Amino Acid Starter Kit

BLAST: Identifying Disease Genes

Comparative Protein Profiler

DNA Chips: Gene to Disease

“Extraordinary Measures” Video Viewing Guide

Modes of Inheritance

Protein Crystallization Lab

PV92 PCR Informatics Kit

Science Take Out: Diagnosing Diabetes     Genetic Testing for Huntington’s Disease     Stem Cells     From DNA to Protein: Structure and Function

Water Kit


ICORE: Emerging Pathogens Program Activities

Bacterial Protein Extraction and Gel Electrophoresis

Comparative Protein Profiler

Detecting Dengue in the Lab and Field (abridged ELISA) 

Detecting Dengue in the Lab and Field (BioRad ELISA) 

Dot Blot Simulation

ELISA Immuno Explorer

GMO Investigator Kit

Meet the Menacing Microbes

Outbreak! Fingerprinting Virus DNA

Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus

Cholera Conundrum   Camp Map   Vc presence Map   O1 presence Map  Google Earth IDP Map

Project Learning Tree Vaccine and Biotechnology Unit


External Resources:

Forest Health

National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science