Ebola Epidemic



This lesson engages students in a series of inquiry-based activities providing information on the current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, including: a jigsaw/webquest using resources from the Centers for Disease Control, a simulation based on fluid exchange to model the spread of an outbreak of infectious disease, and a “disease detective”-style mapping activity based on published data outlining the start of the current Ebola outbreak in Guinea.

Teacher Pages

Student Worksheets

ELISA Extension: Detecting Disease

 Time Estimates

Two ~45 minute class periods, or the jigsaw portion can be given as a homework assignment, in which case the remaining components can fit into one class period.


Learning Styles

Visual, kinesthetic, and auditory


Student Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the following for Ebola Virus Disease: symptoms, sources and risk factors, diagnosis and detection, treatment, prevention and control.
  • Simulate the spread of an infectious disease
  • Analyze and graph data, determining dependent and independent variables
  • Describe the Epidemiological Triangle: agent, host, and environment
  • Describe how epidemiologists think about the origins and spread of infectious disease