CPET offers the following educational resources for teachers and students:


Lesson Plans and Curricula

The following pages contain a wide range of resources for secondary science teachers to use in their classroom.  The majority of these lessons have been created through CPET programs by teachers and graduate students, but also you will find lessons used by CPET during the programs, as well as best practices that teachers have contributed to our collection.  Over time CPET staff members have also generated new curricula to be shared.

Science Information for Teachers (SIFT)

The internet has become a powerful tool for use in the classroom as well as for teachers preparing lessons. Copious materials are available if only we have time to sift through the internet to find them. Here is where SIFT (Science Information for Teachers) comes in. SIFT is a free subscription email service to science teachers to help in that time consuming process. SIFT allows science teachers and other science educators to easily gain information about useful internet sites, recommended educational site visits, professional development workshops or grant opportunities.

The Sifters Guide to Everything

The SIFTer’s Guide to Everything (Science) is a website with over 3,500 links to science websites that would be useful to a science teacher. The web site grew out of an information service for teachers called SIFT (Science Information for Teachers). The SIFTer’s Guide to Everything (Science) is the archive of all the SIFT email science the information service started.


Science Learning Modules

Take a look at our Interactive Science Learning Modules page, created by CPET’s own Dr. Charles Lawrence.  The following modules are currently available: Respiration, Evolution & Natural Selection, Photosynthesis, ELISA Testing, Mosquitoes and Emerging Pathogens, Graphs and Graphing, Stem Cells.


Science Project Encyclopedia

Each year thousands of students in Florida research and construct a science project. The University of Florida has contributed to this process for over 45 years. Now UF CPET has an online Science Project Encyclopedia that can help a student at every step, from choosing and researching a topic to communicating the results at science fairs and other competitions.


Excursions in Science

Excursions in Science is an online and CD-ROM based series of interviews with science researchers at the University of Florida. The programs are aimed at middle and high school students and contain programs on pesticides, mercury pollution, pollution and Florida alligators, microarray technology, diabetes, various biotechnology techniques, careers in biotechnology, evolution and structural virology.


University Outreach Catalog

Catalog of outreach programs hosted by various departments across campus.


STEM Pipeline Resources

Here is a list of Stem Pipeline Resources at the University of Florida.