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Upcoming Programs ...
Mini Medical School
Program Date:  November 4th, 2022
           Seminar: Tracking Health and Disease:
                               Explorations in Epidemiology

The UF Medical Guild and UF Center for Precollegiate Education and Training is excited to again be hosting Mini Medical School in-person on the UF campus!  Mini Medical School is a 1-day learning opportunity for secondary, health, and vocational teachers to broaden their knowledge of important health science topics though interactions with health professionals and researchers, and to take this knowledge back to their classrooms. This fall we will be exploring the world of epidemiology; how scientists track causes of infectious disease, non-infectious disease, and other impacts on human health.

Junior Science, Engineering, and Humanities Symposium

Program Dates: January 29 - 31, 2023

A 3-Day Science Conference for 9th – 12th Grade High School Students, Select Middle School Students, Teachers, and Parents.