Teacher Professional Development

one-day to week long programs available

Teacher Professional Development

Science Educators!!

 Join us at the University of Florida this summer for a unique professional learning experience. From one-day Summer Shorts! to three-week curriculum and research experiences, spend a little time recharging your teaching spirit with us.

 Summer Programs for Teachers

2020 Educator Summer Programs

CATALySES: Emerging Pathogens

Two-week research program for high school life science teachers from June 22—July 2, 2020

On-campus housing and some meals provided; Stipend upon successful completion


Application:  http://bit.ly/2020catalyses    


CATALySES: Emerging Pathogens focuses on infectious diseases and translational research, from discovery-based research to clinical therapeutics. This project creates and expands partnerships that connect university researchers with high school teachers and integrates experiences from a summer Institute into classroom action during the school year. CATALySES is funded by the National Institutes of Health Science Education Partnership Award to support science teachers as we explore some of the most urgent threats from emerging and re-emerging pathogens both locally and globally.


Summer Science Institute

3D Vertebrates, From Museum Shelves to Classrooms:  July 6—July 10, 2020

On-campus housing and some meals provided; Stipend upon successful completion


Application:  http://bit.ly/2020_3Dvert 


The 2020 SSI 3D Vertebrates explores the biology of vertebrate animals and provides opportunities to learn about anatomy, function, and evolution while working with the scientific collections of the Florida Museum of Natural History to see rare specimens of both living and extinct species. Using three-dimensional imaging as part of the openVertebrate project (or oVert), participants will work with digital specimens that can be viewed in the classroom, digitally dissected, 3D-printed, and more! Participants will work in groups with a scientist to generate a learning module for classroom implementation during the 2020/2021 school year upon which a stipend will be awarded.


Summer Science Short Courses

Coastal and Environmental Engineering:  July 17, 2020; Astronomy:  July 24, 2020

Assistance with hotel and some meals provided; Mini-grants upon successful completion


Application:  http://bit.ly/2020Short


The 2020 Summer Science Shorts are one-day immersion courses in different focus areas. On Friday, July 17, explore coastal and environmental engineering to consider the impact of severe weather events on our fragile coastlines. Friday, July 24 will explore the skies with an in-depth look at astronomy. Educators can choose to attend one or both. University support and additional resources including mini-grants are available for educators to develop and implement learning modules to translate the UF experience back to the classroom.


Summer Research Experience

Three-week research and curriculum development fellowship for select CPET alum June 15 – July 2, 2020

On-campus housing and some meals provided; Stipend upon successful completion


Application:  http://bit.ly/2020sre


Each fellow will spend time in an emerging pathogens or biomedical research laboratory to experience academic research first-hand.  Participants will spend days as part of the research team, observing and participating in experiments, asking questions, learning more about not only the content but the research process.  Working in pairs or individually, participants draw from the laboratory research experience and combine it with their excellence in teaching to create content-rich curricular units (3-5 lessons) for use in the classroom during the 2020/2021 school year.