Mini Medical School 2020!

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Mini Medical School 2020!

Mini Medical School

This year’s program will focus on Virology and Immunology and will include a series of 2-hour webinars offered to secondary science, health, and vocational teachers to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the basic biomedical concepts that underlie the current research on COVID-19 and other infectious diseases and therapies/preventions. At this time, we anticipate the webinars will go from 4 – 6 PM with each speaker presenting for about 90 min (Q & A time included). We also plan to provide some virtual lab demonstrations with the participating teachers, e.g. pre-recorded lab demonstration video or virtual lab tours.

Speakers will Include:

Dr. Scott Tibbetts   Tuesday, December 1

Dr. Glenn Morris    Wednesday, December 2

Dr. Paul Gulig        Wednesday, December 9

Dr. Natalie Dean    Thursday, December 10