NSF Broader Impacts and Guidelines

Collaborations for Research Proposals

CPET partners with UF research faculty, staff and students across campus and with education professionals across Florida. We offer decades of experience and educational resources throughout the state to help you and your research make a difference. For information on how we can collaborate with you to develop and/or implement your broader impact statement, please get in touch with us at any of the contacts listed below.

Contact Information

Dr. Mary Jo Koroly, Director

Center for Precollegiate Education and Training
University of Florida
334 Yon Hall, PO Box 112010
Gaineseville, FL 32611-2010

Phone:(352) 392-2310
Fax:(352) 392-2344
Email: cpet@cpet.ufl.edu

Broader Impacts from UF’s Division of Sponsored Research

Further resources can be found on the Division of Sponsored Research website.