Ms. Jesse Wilson

Education and Training Program Associate
(352) 392-2310

Jesse joined the CPET team in spring 2017 and is involved in the planning and coordination of youth programs.

Jesse received her BA in ecology from New College of Florida in 2009.  While there, she worked with Science Outreach for Students, pursued independent ecological research in South Florida and Thailand, and worked as a student trainee in wildlife biology with the Fish & Wildlife Service.  After college she interned with Archbold Biological Station and the San Diego Institute for Conservation Research before becoming an environmental educator and unit director at an outdoor camp in Western Massachusetts.  In 2012, Jesse moved to Gainesville and began working as a coordinator for the school board’s Extended Day Enrichment Program and Camp Discovery.

In her free time Jesse enjoys hiking, camping, vegetable gardening, raising chickens, printmaking, and spending time with her husband and dog.