Dr. Ryan Chastain-Gross

Program Coordinator (CATALySES, EBR, MMS, SETS)

ryan@cpet.ufl.eduRyan Chastain-Gross
(352) 392-2310

Ryan joined the CPET team in spring 2017 and is the Program Coordinator for CPET’s NIH SEPA-funded teacher program, CATALySES, as well as its student version, Explorations in Biomedical Research (EBR). He also coordinates CPET’s teacher in-service program, Mini Medical School and our Special Explorations for Teachers and Students site visit/equipment locker program.

Ryan has a Ph.D. from UF in Medical Sciences with a focus on Microbiology and Immunology, and has a B.S. in Microbiology (minor: Chemistry) and a B.S. in Psychology (minors: Spanish & Theater) from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Ryan has a broad academic research background in microbiology and molecular biology, and received hands-on training in making science accessible to the general public during a marketing-focused fellowship in the UF Office of Technology Licensing. As CATALySES coordinator, Ryan is responsible for overseeing professional development for secondary science teachers that supports their use of cutting-edge infectious disease research in the classroom and aims to increase student interest in science and biotechnology careers, in conjunction with the EBR program. Ryan is the liaison for CATALySES teachers during the school year, and encourages fulfillment of Action Research Proposals through equipment loans and classroom support for teachers who are implementing infectious disease and biotechnology curricula in their day-to-day classes.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys sharing smiles, hugs and laughter with his wife (who is also a teacher!), his two very young, very active daughters and their big orange cat. He enjoys outdoor running, Starbucks Instant Coffee and helping other scientists to more effectively write about their important research.