Sketchbook Gallery

Students crawled in a cave, explored Devil’s Millhopper, and swam in Blue Springs as they learned about hydrogeology. These are sketches from their field trip exploring the interconnectedness of Florida’s water system.

Students created detailed sketches of insects under a microscope. Participants collected their own insects under the direction of UF Entomology faculty.


STEAM Participants learned about paint as an engineered system and then created their own paint. Artist Logan Marconi led students in painting exercises to explore pattern and repetition.



Drawing is one way to sense data and to communicate a sense of place without using words. Logan asked students to take note of their current environment. What do you see, feel, think, hear, or even taste? What resonates or stick out about the environment?


Participants spent time exploring the Harn Museum of Art. During one activity, students were asked to form pairs. While one person described a work of art, the other person would sketch without seeing the piece.


STEAM Participants explored the world around them with a Foldscope. Students created sketches that compared their macro world perspective to micro patterns and shapes viewed with their Foldscope. Are there patterns on a blade of grass or lint you found in your pocket that resemble the patterning of tree branches or the landscape?