2015 STEAM Quest

Exploring Art and Science; Cabinets of Curiosity

A model of a "cabinet of curiosity" from the 1600s A model of a “cabinet of curiosity” from the 1600s

Throughout your journey in STEAM Quest, you will meet and learn from remarkable scientists and artists at UF as you open various “cabinets of curiosity.” During Renaissance Europe, people created personal collections of science objects and art pieces. These collections were known as “cabinets of curiosities” or “wonder rooms” and many of these collections became the precursor for famous museums, such as the British Museum London. Science objects and art pieces were not isolated in these cabinets of curiosities, but instead sat side by side in an attempt to explain the natural world. Cabinets of curiosities are a reminder of the shared inquiry and creativity that binds scientists and artists. We hope that you join us as we open the many science and art cabinets that UF has to offer this year at the 2015 STEAM Quest.


Vist the Sketchbook Gallery to see samples of artwork created during the 2015 program!


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