Teachers as Scholars (TAS): 2002-2005

Teachers as Scholars represents both a new vision of professional development and a vital collaboration between university faculty and school teachers. Through this program, K-12 teachers immerse themselves in scholarly topics and issues led by University faculty. Teachers are given the opportunity to learn, express their thoughts, and discuss topics with faculty and fellow teachers for their own self-enrichment.

The Teachers as Scholars program began at Harvard University in 1996. In an effort to revitalize the spirits and minds of teachers across the nation, the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation is helping to launch the Teachers as Scholar program across the nation. The University of Florida is one of the select few TAS collaborations this year across the United States and the only in the state of Florida. For more information on the national effort, please visit the Woodrow Wilson Foundation.

The time and number of meetings for each seminar varies in an attempt to maximize the possibility for all teachers to be able to attend a seminar series. All seminar series will meet for a total of 15-20 contact hours. Each day builds on what was discussed in the previous session; therefore, it is essential that participants are able to attend all seminar days. Space is limited to 20 teachers per seminar and available on a first come basis, with first choice preference given to first time participants. We invite teachers to apply early for the best chance of attending their first choice seminar.

Course material will be sent to participants to prepare for their chosen seminar. In-service is available for interested teachers according to each district’s requirements.


TAS Program Years



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 North East Florida Educational Consortium Area Centers for Educational Enhancement

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida