Teacher Research Update Experience (TRUE): 1996-2000

The TRUE program offered a unique research experience for outstanding middle and high school teachers of science, math, and technology. They were invited to engage in seven weeks of laboratory research, classroom application, and built lasting professional networks with colleagues and research faculty. The TRUE program enabled teachers to bring the latest in research to their own classrooms.

The TRUE program was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and by the University of Florida.

TRUE offered middle and high school science, mathematics, and technology teachers across America the opportunity to update their content knowledge by engaging in research on the campus of one of the nation’s leading research universities – the University of Florida. During the first week, teachers worked together in a biotechnology workshop. In weeks two through seven, each teacher became a part of a University of Florida research team related to his/her area of interest and background. Guided by university scientists, each participant developed, carried out, analyzed, and presented the results of a research project. Participants also attended interdisciplinary lectures and laboratory workshops in physics, conservation, neuroscience, and grant writing. They toured research facilities, visited local sites of scientific and ecological interest, and participated in seminars and work groups designed to help them relate the research experience to the classroom and to develop leadership skills.


  • Minimum of three (3) years teaching middle or high school science, math, or technology (SMT) courses
  • Minimum of a Bachelors Degree
  • A current resume and either college transcripts or a list of SMT college-level classes, with dates
  • A letter of support from a school administrator
  • An essay on how participation in a research-oriented program will enhance teaching, benefit students, and impact school and community.

As a TRUE Fellow You Will:

  • Learn current research concepts and applications in medicine, conservation, physics, engineering, bio- and computer technology
  • Do research with leading scientists in your field of interest
  • Design, carry out, analyze, and present the results of a research project
  • Discover how to apply research findings to your curriculum
  • Create new instructional materials to use and disseminate
  • Develop leadership skills and an Action Plan to improve instruction at your school
  • Attend lectures, tour research facilities, and visit significant scientific and ecological sites
  • Share best teaching practices with UF scientists and colleagues from across the nation
  • Enjoy follow-up support through the Internet, professional meetings, and campus events

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