STEM Immersion 2014

This year the University of Florida welcomed eighty-two STEM scholars from the Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC), the Heartland Educational Consortium (HEC), and the North East Florida Educational Consortium (NEFEC) districts in Florida. You can find out more about each activity on the pages below.


Week One Schedule: Panhandle Area Education Consortium

Week Two Schedule: Northeast Florida Education Consortium

Week Three Schedule: Heartland Education Consortium

Breakdown of Week

Arriving at the University of Florida

Inside the Laboratory

Exploring Engineering

Field Trips

Free Time

Surveys and Resources

Code Resources

Sunday Surveys:

STEM CIS (also a direct link from iPad screen)

Ideas about Science Survey (paper version will be administered)

Tuesday surveys:

BEL Pre-survey

Phylogenetics Pre-assessment

Wednesday surveys:

BEL Post-survey (only need to complete first name, last name and questions 4.1-9.1)

Phylogenetics Post-assessment

Friday surveys:

STEM CIS (also direct link from iPad screen)

Wetlands survey