Save the Earth’s Environment through Knowledge (SEEK)

Save the Earth’s Environment through Knowledge (SEEK) is a three-day environmental science program attended by students selected from high schools around the state of Florida. It is sponsored by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs and administered by the University of Florida’s Center for Precollegiate Education and Training (UF-CPET).

During their stay on campus, these 10th-12th grade students take part in hands-on science activities and field trips focusing on environmental science and pollution.  University staff, faculty and members of the Gainesville community volunteer time to contribute to the program in a number of meaningful ways.

SEEK Ecological Platform

As developed by the 2003 participants:

    • All ecological systems inhabited by humans are ultimately affected by them and they hold a responsibility for its preservation.
    • What matters most is not living in this moment, but taking action to improve the next!
    • SEEK a better environment.
    • As humans, our responsibility to take care of the world is greater than that of any other species.
    • “With great power comes great responsibility.” – Spiderman
    • The longevity of the human race is directly dependent upon the health of the environment; the environment must be preserved in order to benefit humankind.
    • Everything on earth was put here for a reason.
    • What we do today will affect tomorrow.
    • Life is an interaction of all being present; it is a privilege to be here.
    • Nature supports humans, humans support nature.
    • Man does not have the right to impact the world more than any other species.
    • Instead of nature adjusting for humans, humans need to adjust for nature.

SEEK ’05-’06 Photo Slideshow

SEEK Program Funding

This program is funded by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs.

SEEK Chair: Lynn Artz

SEEK Registrar: Rebecca Meegan

SEEK Treasurer: Angret Piasecki

FFGC President: Joan Ochs

FFGC Vice President: Margaret “Cinny” O’ Donnell