B2B Class of 2015

The 2015 Biomedical Explorations: Bench to Bedside summer institute took place June 14-26.  Teachers participated in a two-week experimental sequence in basic science research, as well as clinical and applied research environments.  This sequence is meant to illustrate not only scientific content, but also pedagogical methods, career options in STEM fields, and conceptual as well as technological interrelationships between basic and clinical research.  View the full schedule here: B2B 2015 Program Schedule


Participants worked with science, industry and education researchers to develop lessons and laboratory exercises that convey the principles of translational research and drug development in the context of career choices. During the school year, teachers will use the tools developed during the institute to study the effectiveness of instruction on student learning outcomes.

Joining us this year were 22 outstanding middle and high school teachers from across the state of Florida!  Additional information on the participants is provided here: B2B 2015 Program Book


B2B 2015 Teacher Participants

Mrs. Marie-Romie Alexis
Lake Worth High School
Palm Beach
Biology (9-12)Ms. Ailyn Barrios
Palm Beach Central High School
Palm Beach
Biology (10)

Ms. Shavon Brookman
Western High School
AP Biology (10-12)

Mrs. Trina Comacho-Rorie
Roosevelt Middle School
Palm Beach
Medical Science (6-7) and adult education

Mrs. Denisse Conway
Palm Beach Central High School
Palm Beach
Honors Biology (9-10)

Mrs. Jocelyn Ferguson
Roosevelt Middle School
Palm Beach
Science (7) and AVID science

Ms. Rachel Gerhard-Sterner
Palm Beach
Life Science (7)

Mrs. Rochelle Glenn
Roosevelt Middle School
Palm Beach
Biomedical Science and Medical Academy

Ms. Jennifer Guillard
Mandarin High School
9 Pre-AICE Biology (9) and AICE Biology (12)Mr. Nigel Jagoo
Leto High School
Anatomy and Physiology (10)

Mr. Patrick Kelly
Leesburg High School
AP Physics, Honors Biology, Biology

Mr. Charles Krininger III
Satellite High School
Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, assist with Science Research

Ms. Laurel Lambkin
Lantana Community Middle School
Palm Beach
Science (7)

Mrs. Margaret Lawrence
William T. Dwyer High School
Palm Beach
Biology (9-10)

Ms. Saffiyah Manboard
Seagull School
Biology/Biotechnology (9-12)

Ms. Amy Martin
Jesuit High School Tampa
AP Biology, Biology

Dr. Iris Payan
Hollywood Hills High School
Chemistry Honors (10-12), AP Chemistry (11-12)Mr. James Powell Jr.
Roosevelt Middle School
Palm Beach
Life Science (8)

Ms. Carlene Rogers
Wekiva High School
Anatomy and Physiology Honors,  AP Biology (10-12)

Mr. Brian Ruhmann
MAST Academy at Homestead
Miami-Dade County
Pharmaceutical Sciences  (11-12), AP Chemistry (10-12) 

Mrs. Donely Santiago
Mandarin High School
Biology/Biotechnology (9-12)

Mrs. Wendy Vidor
Matanzas High School
Ag Biotechnology and Marine Science

Mr. Steven Wilkie
South Fort Myers High School
AP Biology and Marine Science Honors (11-12)